University of Houston

does anyone know anything about the University of Houston undergrad I.D. program?

hi, i’m actually taking ID in U of H. as i know, ID is a new department of the UH college of Architecture. it’s a 4-year degree. the first 2 year you will share the same course and studio classes with Architecture. the last 2 year you will get deep into ID. as they say, it’s the first ID program in Texas. cuz it is a new program (started in fall 2001 i guess), so it’s not really a choice to study ID. but if you live in texas, this is the only place you can go.

You only do 1 year of shared classes

Starting January '06 is when I start UH, but first I am taking the online courses before I move down to Houston. I talked to somebody last week from the Arch. Dept. and said that the ID Dept. has not started reviewing applications yet. :imp: They told me I should still send them a portfolio to help in the decision making. Plus, the Industrial Design should be in a building of it own since Industrial Design involves the structure of Architecture and development of Engineering.

I hope UH knows what it is doing.

The word in 2009 is that A&M is supposed to have a new campus in San Antonio, TX -near the new Toyota Plant- which will be offering Industrial Design. I’ll go to A&M for my Masters in ID if they offer it. Right now I just want to start learning.

i like the optimism kid! goodluck!

U of TX will have a true ID program by 2010