University of Cincinnati's out-of-state policy

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA, and thus most of the schools for ID are out-of-state. I’ve seen someone mention that they managed to get around the out-of-state prices for UC by moving in earlier, or something similar. Any info on this? And what other schools either have a cheaper program or have a flexible state policy?

The only way i know about to get around UC’s out of state policy is to live in the state for 9 straight months (i think nine it might be 12), the only problem is this can’t be in a dorm or a school back housing (like for UC it’s stratford heights, UPA and McMillian)…the only problem is UC currently makes all students who live more then like 50 miles outside of the campus to reside in one of these housing complexes if your not in their dorms.

If anyone does know a way to get around this let me know, i have a couple friends who are currently still paying out of state here at UC

I’m currently trying to get in state. Living in the dorms or school back housing does count towards your 12 months. The real kicker is you must not be listed as a depeendent on your parents taxes, must pay taxes to the state of Ohio (have a job), and must be able to prove that you are self sufficient. No loans with your parents.

He’s right. Not only do you have to be independent from your parents, you must make enough money to cover your basic cost of living. This means having a full-time job, which will be impossible if you plan on going to UC for design.

My non-campus home is 25 minutes away in Indiana; I pay out of state. It’ sucks, but the trade off is that I get to attend one of the best design schools in the world. There are always student loans.

I went to UC paying out of state tuition, but I had a few friends from other states who figured out how to become Ohio residents. Sorry I don’t have more specific advice than that, but I know it’s possible.

Getting a high quality education should be most important. If that means you have to work through all the red tape to get it at the right price, then make it happen.

I graduated from UC in graphic - I had a friend who was from Tenn, she went through paperwork for a couple years trying to get all the stuff right to get in state tuition. She didn’t get it approved until our 4th year in school…

good luck

it’s definitely possible. It took me until my 3rd year to get it done but it’s still worth it. The main points have all been mentioned:

  • 12 months living in-state
  • Ohio driver’s license
  • Not listed as a dependent on your parent’s taxes as of the previous tax period
  • Some kind of income during the 12 months that you pay ohio taxes on
  • No money from family members

Your parents can still co-sign on a loan but they can’t be a co-borrower.
The full-time job that I got my income from was actually my first co-op. You don’t have to be working full time for the whole 12 month period. You’ll also need to keep track of paperwork. Bank statements, loan information, and payment receipts from school to prove where the money that you paid tuition for came from. Also have copies of any lease agreements if you rent an apartment.

Basically, if you choose to go this route. You’ll have to pay full out-of-state tuition for at least a year before you can work your way through the system. It took me longer because I was fumbling through and figuring it out as I went along.