University of Cincinnati Senior ID Class of 2014

Hi Core77!

First of all, I hope this is the right forum for this post, but I think it’s relevant enough to the design community to be posted here.

I just wanted to share some information about the upcoming senior show and graduating class for Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. In case you don’t know, our program involves going on co-ops and internships every other semester for the five years we are in school, meaning that most of us are very well prepared for junior design positions, with almost 2 years of design experience. We’ve done a lot to prepare our class and work for showtime, and I’m here to let anyone who may be interested in attending our crits, visiting our show, covering our class, or even hiring a designer some information on what’s going on.

First of all, we’ve created a website with all of our grads and some teasers of our work at :

You should check it out! We’ve grouped everyone by their senior capstone projects, which we’ll post about as the semester progresses. We also have an official blog which features one student every day, which you can see here:

There are also various social media websites we’ve set up, and you can follow us on them here:
Facebook: Redirecting...

In terms of the actual show, It will run from April 22, 2014 - April 26.
The opening reception is Tuesday April 22 at 5pm and will be an IDSA sponsored professional’s night, running until 7pm.
From April 23 -25, the show is open from 9am - 9pm.
On Saturday, April 26, It will only be open from 10am - 1pm

Thank you for reading, and we’re really excited to show off our work and enter the workforce. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me or reply to this post!

Jon Grossman

I wish I could make it but unfortunately I can’t. Good luck guys. I had the pleasure of hiring a Co-op and interviewing quite a few students from your class. There is major talent graduating this year from UC and I wish you all the best.

Good luck!!


Hey Jon, I saw this on Facebook via Rance, very impressive stuff! Best of luck and look forward to hearing how the show goes (wish I could make it as well).

Justin- Thanks so much for the support and kind words! If you find you can make it out and maybe want to be a guest critic, just let us know.

Robbie- So cool to hear that you saw it from Rance! Thanks for the wishes, and the show should end up being pretty great- there are some really cool projects going on this semester!