University of Cincinnati - pay of Coop

I’ve gone to their website, which talks about their coop, but how much does someone get atleast in their coop in Cincinnati? I know that coop is for the education, but I wanted just an estimated figure to see how i’ll financially get through Cincinnati and the 5 years.

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The least - is 0.
your not guaranteed anything, though its required for graduation, you must earn each co-op. Those who do, make 10 - 25/hour depending on thier skills and where the job is.

I’m a recent DAAP grad working for the Chicago office of a four lettered design firm based out of the Bay Area. In my experience UC co ops get paid fairly well.

The lowest I was ever paid was $15/hr, but that gig also set me up with free housing. The most I was paid was $17.50/hr. Obviously I was paid the least during my first few internships and more in the later ones as I became more experienced. Of my 5 employers 2 paid for housing which was nice, but not all do that though.

I interned at the following places:

Lexmark Printers
Ethicon Endo Surgery
Design Continuum
The Rockwell Group


woah cool :slight_smile: thanks, that gave me more of a perspective on Cincinnati’s Coop program. Thankyou very much daaphearthrob.

hey, i just thought’ i’d give you another pov on the co-op program… because when i was looking at the school I think they left out some of the important flaws in the system

  1. you’re not guaranteed a co-op. you have to fight against classmates and other schools for the positions
  2. I’ve made between $12-15/hour, and haven’t been lucky enough to get a job where housing is free
  3. You have to sublet wherever you’re living in cincinnati while you’re away at a co-op, if it’s a slow time of year, you may have trouble doing this, and could end up paying rent for your empty room/apt while away
  4. Moving every three months is cool, but can be a pain in the ass
  5. I wouldn’t count on making much of a profit at co-op, unless you’re in nyc, it’ll probably cover your living expenses for the quarter, and some project costs when you go back to school… but dont count on paying your tuition (I know,out of state sucks)

basically, I love daap, and they’re co-op program, i wouldn’t think of going anywhere else… just wanted to let you know that sometimes it can be a little sucky (but totally worth it in my mind)


the great thing about UC being a state school is that you can become a resident of Ohio, and pay the lower tuition. This will take 1-2 years to establish this, but it will save you a chunk of cash for the last 3 years of school. Look into what the requirements for an Ohio residence are and you’ll be well prepared to save yourself some $$.

Woah, thankyou very much sikoraem and rollermt, this is definatly information that I wanted. I’ll keep these in mind when I go visit Cincinnati. Hm, only one more question would be, how are you guys paying off tuition for Cincinnati? Is there any thing that could help besides becoming a resident?
Thankyou verrrry much :slight_smile:

suck it up and get some loans! out of state tuition is expensive, and although you dont have to buy many books, but your supplies for projects can be pricey.

if i could do it all over again, i’d move to ohio and gain residency for a year first though

also, the program is pretty time consuming, so there aren’t too many kids who can handle having a job during a school quarter

ah, okay thanks for the tip sikoraem

i can see why you would be interested in how much co-ops get paid, that way you could guage the whole financial aspect of school, but think of it in terms of this…

even if the upfront cost of out of state school seemed like quite a burden, the experience, networking, and real-world application/exposure you get from co-op is priceless compared to how much school can cost. having the opportunity to work in the field while going to school has so much value. you may be a little deeper in the hole when it comes time to graduate, but think of the upper hand you will have on students from other schools simply because you have experience in the “real world” and understand the business aspect to design…amongst other things.

experience shows…and seeing a couple design firms on your resume at the time of graduation speaks pretty loud as well

just another way of looking at the situation.

hey thanks myweh, this weekend I checked both Cincinnati and University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign. I still am not sure about which I should go to, but uh…lets just say…the DAAP buliding is much much nicer looking that Champaign’s…lol. Also, at Cincinnati, do the students get chances to work with other kids of different departments to create products?

there is some crossover between the different colleges…not as much as there could be, but some projects involve the other areas of design. however, you probably won’t get into any of that until either your 4th or 5th year.

you will also have sponsored projects from outside companies.

Ah yea cause I thought the crossover idea is kinda interesting. What year are you in Uof Cincinnati? myweh? hm also, how much would someone outof state pay per year? normally at Cincinnati?

right now im in the middle of my 4th year. got done with the fall quarter of classes and now i’m on co-op working for a design consultancy during winter quarter.

as far as out of state costs…try getting a hold of sikoraem. she would have a better idea.

sikoraem? is she someone in this forum? thanks myweh, i really appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

I’m fairly certain out of state tuition is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-6ooo per quarter. And that doesn’t included the books, materials, or computer equipment you’ll need along the way. The first year you’ll be there for 3 quarters. The second year you’ll be there for 3 quarters. And the final 3 years you’ll be in school for 2 quarters per year.

That’s a grand total of 12 quarters and roughly $60-72,000 in tuition costs.

I know quite a few people who established residency in Ohio either before enrolling, or during their time there, which can help reduce that cost. There are lots of things that have to be done in order to establish residency, including being financially independent for a period 12 months. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should look into the necessary requirements sooner rather than later.

To give you something to compare to, I think the in-state costs per quarter are in the neighborhood of $1800.

Thank NATE, sounds like if i go to Cincinnati, Im going to have to try n get as much money is possible