University of Cincinnati Dorms

My son has been accepted as a DAAP student for the fall and we need advise on which dorm and meal plan to choose. Daniels, Turner or Siddahl?Anyone have recommendations? Opinions on living in Daniels on the DAAP floor? Just how small are those quads?? Do you eat at the DAAP cafe most of the time? We haven’t been to the campus yet-going for Cincinnatus in a couple weeks but need to chose dorm now. Thanks!

I’d recommend Daniels. I stayed there freshman year and turner sophmore year. Siddal always seemed cool but no one I know liked living there. Turner is new and nice but everyones door is shut, and you’ll hardly meet anyone. Daniels is old and worn down but everyones door is open, I still hang out with people from my floor, and others. I didn’t live on the Daap floor but most of my Daap friends did and they loved it, but it’s nice to have the friends I made that aren’t in Daap.
The Daapateria is mostly for snacks and coffee, some people will get a sandwich at lunch, but most will take the walk between classes to the fast food places on campus. As a freshmen your son’s probably going to have more tickets to the dining hall than he can eat, Siddals got a great dining hall downstairs but the new one in the rec is better.