University of Cincinnati - DAAp

Just wondering if anyone can give me inside info on DAAP and the University of Cincinnati generally…

After visiting DAAP I was blown away and am strongly considering going there, but I haven’t heard too much about UC in general, and not coming from the midwest I’m a little wary.

One of my main concerns is the living style in UC - is it more of a commuter school? And are most kids in state, rather than out of state… I was told DAAP is more diverse than the other schools.

Also the admissions criteria seems almost too simple…no portfolio, essay, recommendations… any reasons for me not to take advantage of this simple process? Any praises for it?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if it helps, I’m also considering Carnegie Mellon, The University of the Arts, Savannah and Syracuse University.

Hello Sarah I am student currently attending UC in the DAAP program in Industrial Design.

I am sure you have heard of the one big plus of UC: CO-OP
Thats probably the biggest advantage that UC can boast. The staff is helpful and knowledgable and when the professors (at least the ID profs) can agree on something our program grows and adapts to the ever- changing climate of the profession.

While a lot of the students at UC commute; in design, most of us are from elsewhere living for the first year in the dorms and then the following years in apts and houses by campus. Dont expect to get comfortable there though because co-op will send you all over the country even the world. (I have a friend now interning at a consultancy in milan)

At first I too was a little curious about portfolios not being required but I’m sure they explained the foundations program. Despite your talent level everyone starts with the basics in drawing, color, form, and space. It may seem a little redundant but its nice to know that whether you went to a public school with a dismantled art program (me) or you were raised by designers, you all start from the same knowledge base, vocabulary, and skill level once you start into your actual ID track.

A new development at daap is the opportunity to focus in a certain area of your interest. There are curently extra studios that give you a chance to focus on Sustainable Design, Medical Product Design, Automotive Design, and I believe Universal Design.

To tell you the truth school is what you make of it. Go to the school that provides the best opportunities to study and explore.

My name is Shane Machir
you can check out my portfolio at this website:

go to coroflot too and check out the work of students from UC and other schools that may be your best scale.

If you want any more info just email the address in the portfolio
good luck

also check out cleveland art institute I’ve seen some cool stuff come out of there lately