Universities with strong ID programs

I am a senior in high school, applying to college this fall. I was a terrible artist before high school, but with some coaching and coaxing, I really grew attached to the design element. After a few years of thoughtful consideration, and in an effort to evade my number crunching fate, I started reading career books.

ID combined all the aspects of design I favor. Practicality, usefulness, environmental awareness, personality. I am, however, totally unsure of what I need as far as a program. I need to work ridiculously hard at my pencil drawing, although I enjoy it. I have a strong sculpture background.

I’m still a little weary of art school, because I don’t consider myself as having the best artistic talent. However, with hard work, my art turns out a nice polished look, “the ends justifying the means.” So, I am searching for a typical liberal arts university or the like with a strong design program (in case design school turns out not to be for me).

I know of Carnegie Mellon and Cornell and Stanford, which may be one out of my reach, and two, difficult to move around in. Please, reaffirm my concerns that I am making the right choice, and shed some additional light on schooling. I’d love to correspond with designers in the field.



After I posted, I thought about it…

Every designer has similar ideals.

To learn as much as they can- to invent more

I want to go to design school so I can learn how to learn, to funnel all my ideas into a single product. I am excited about a new experience.

I thought this information might help.

I’d read through this dude:


what about University of Delaware?

I’m a senior ID at cmu and I love it here. Lots of opportunities for interdisciplinary work e.g. computer science, business, engieneering, drama, etc. Great freshman foundation program. Excellent professors overall.

Pittsburgh is a little cold in the winter…but you’ll just live with it.

I’d also look into Stanford’s design program. It seems to me that it might be better to do a grad school there – from what i know as an undergrad you do design either through art or engineering. cmu’s design is straight up design from freshmen year.

I think University-based ID program is the way to go – you do need to know other stuff besides design to become a good designer who can work with other people in the real world.

purin@cmu.edu if you need any portfolio advice. I’ve been where you are.