Universal Design and Assistive Technology Design Competition

Design Competition -$5000 Grand Prize -Deadline September 12, 2011*

You are invited to participate in a design competition that is being hosted by the team coordinating an event in Boston on September 23, 2011 called “Products and Technologies that Change People’s Lives: Universal Design and Assistive Technology in Massachusetts. Teams of 2 to 6 individuals are invited to develop a design concept for a product or technology that will have an impact on people’s lives in one of four areas: Work, Home, Life Long Learning and Fitness, Recreation and Sport.

Individuals with functional limitations face many challenges but there are opportunities for innovative products and technologies to increase their ability to live active and independent lives.

The Institute for Human Centered Design is the coordinator of this Competition and the related Conference and Expo which is also sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Design Competition offers a $5000 prize and other benefits such as the opportunity to have the concept prototyped by a key design firm.

The competition is open to MA state residents and students of Colleges and Universities in MA as well as MA resident professionals that are no more than 10 years into their professional lives.

The deadline for concept submissions in fast approaching, Sept 2, 2011.

For more details go to:
or email: competition@ChangePeoplesLives.org