Univ of Ohio

Has anybody other than stucon ever heard of this school? LMAO

“Last weekend, the Buckeye Bullet, an electric vehicle designed and built by U. of Ohio undergraduate students, set new US and International land speed records for electric vehicles - 308 mph and 271 mph respectively. posted by stucon, core77”

I haven’t been through the program but James Kaufman (the chair of the department there) was an excellent instructor when I was enrolled in his class (U of I, Champaign)

You might want to contact him for more information. Really nice guy.


I think they meant Ohio State University (OSU)

It’s Ohio State University.
Their ID program is not very good, especially for the size and bankroll of the college. University of Cinci is much better or Cleveland I of A.

Actually, it’s THE Ohio State University :laughing:

I wouldn’t say it’s “not a good program”. It has a similar curriculum to UC, but lacks in Co-op capabilities. Granted, i’ve been away from the school for some time, so things may have changed. For a while it was on par with UC, but I know UC has been building up quite nicely…

There is The Ohio State University…again I think thats what your referring to. Which they do have a good program.

Also, there is Ohio University which has an engineering department but no ID program.

Somehow this sounds more like an engineering project than a ID project…never known any design school that could design/engineer a car that tops 300…kind’ve a waste of time for ID’ers…but very good project for engineering students.

you illiterate idiot…THEY are all engineering students. READ the team profiles.

You jackass. That was a joke. Obviously stucon is too ignorant of the midwest to know that there is no such school and you are too dumb to realize it was a sarcastic question. LMAO means Laughing My A** Off. Get a grip before you get all analytical about things.

Such a fucknut…I’m being sarcastic…point is clarify your posts, it’s not like a face-to-face conversation…everyone here misinterpreted your post, jackoff (serious comment).