Univ. of Cincinnati VS. Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbour

Disclaimer: I went to UC.

When I attended, a lot of us thought that there were some serious issues within the department that HAD to be addressed. By the time we graduated, we realized that EVERY program at every school across the country (regardless of major) has issues and none of them are immune to problems. Schools seem to be ranked based on the overall experience. I don’t think any one of them ranks #1 in every category, which means that no matter where you end up, there will be another school with a certain set of attributes that may be “better” than the ones at your insititution.

To 2nd Yo’s thoughts, a sponsored studio is not close to the same experience as a co-op. Working in a design studio for 40+ hours a week as full time design co-op exposes you to a very different side of design. It’s not an academic environment like a sponsored studio: it’s a taste of what life after graduation will bring. A sponsored studio is very much still teacher/student atmostphere, whereas a co-op is closer to a colleague/colleague realtionship. And doing it for 8+ hours a day at a job is different than the experience you get working on things during a 3 hours studio, and dividing your focus the rest of the day on additional classes.

It seems a bit short-sighted to let your opinion of one teacher ruin your overall feeling about an entire college. Everything is a learning experience, even a “bad” teacher or two. Learning how to deal with those imperfect circumstances will prepare you for the real world.


ViolentTIK… i was offered a job by 3 of my 5 co op employers one of which on my very last day of the co-op. when i graduated i took a job with a 4th company that just happened to see my work through the grapevine. having 5 internships really helped get me this gig.

just chill with the cincy bashing… every school has its pros and cons in this instance i think cincy is the better school hands down. in another situation i might say otherwise, but probably not.

I think I was misunderstood and not looking to bash schools. The only negative thing I said about Cinci was the AZTEC comment and If i hurt any feelings I apologize. There is not one other bashing of cinci because I have actually met some people from there that studied fashion. My main objective in all the rambling and explanation was giving the kid advice that he should check around to EVERY school he thinks he might want to go to and make sure it is the right fit in every aspect…and I realize the question was only between 2 schools. Reading about design schools and going off opinions is great but if you don’t get out there and see what others schools have to offer than you are selling yourself short on what you may get somewhere else. Every school has their pros and cons and you look at them all. I don’t go out and buy a car without looking at 5 within the range I want. Plus depending on his portfolio he might get a better offer for a scholarship from different schools…u never know. I am basing my opinion also on the fact that the CO-OP thing is not the only way you are going to get a job and you have to go to cinci and do the co-op or people will not even look at you. I went to CCS and the list of successful designers from Motorola to Nike and everywhere in between including someone most designer jock for his work on star wars…… Doug chiang (ALL of these designers seem to do just fine without the CO-OP). Also any school that is creditable will help you get as many internships and experience in which ever direction your heart desires. I am not going to say anything more about the school I went to because I am not a vain person…and yes I disliked tons of things about my college also. So if I need to bash I will bash my own college if you need me to. I was also basing allot of my suggestions on the fact that PALVAL87 has high standards and I wanted to give him actually input for him to consider to make sure he gets what he wants period. If he goes to cinci there is not a doubt in my mind that he will come out being a fantastic well rounded designer. “Palval87” young and needs all the information we can give him. Again this is why I gave him an example of my friend that went to school but did not find his exact design fit until he went to Europe to study design. Love what you do and you will never go wrong.

I am currently attending the school of Art and Desitgn at UMich.

I was not really sure about my future when I came to the program, since there was no structure to the curriculum. Although, I feel that studying at UMich for the past three years have taught me a lot. Thre great thing about Michigan is that there are plenty of opportunity to take great classes from other schools within the university. There are many classes in the Engineering school, Business school, and Architecture school that Design students can take that are challenging and fulfilling in addition to the Art and Design school requirements.

I highly recommend UMich to anyone who wants to develop intellectual skills in the field of art and design.

i’ll speak from personal experience. i didn’t like the school at UM, i checked it out. I haven’t worked with a designer from that school worth a lick. if i had to pick between the two, i’d pick cinci. if you aren’t sure what major you want to do, goto a junior college and figure it out there, save some money/grief.

Yes, I do see your point. i guess UMich is not for everybody. Maybe going to junior college or other second-rated college is suited for some people.

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