univ decision time

does anyone know what time the univs take decison abt their grad student admissions ? has neone heard from ASU , UIC and UC ? grad level specifically. i believe they dun tell u abt rejection over the email, but just post a letter of regret .
if neone has heard , pls do lemme know coz if they have sent out acceptance emails, then it wud mean that im rejected :frowning:

I just received an acceptance to NC State MID today!
IIT last week, Georgia Tech two weeks ago and Still waiting on Stanford. I know they are not the same schools but any info might help… I know waiting sucks

hey bio med

ur one lucky guy , u got acceptance and that too from all good schools ! yes waiting sucks big time, i hope it ends soon.


asu’s adviser just sent me an email to ask if i could change my application of Planning and Management area to Human factors area of study. Thus i do not think they have made final decision.

Hi hello kitchen
can u tell me who the advisor is ? i dunno who to contact particularly in the department , to find out abt the status. are u frm the US ? and which program did u apply fr in ASU ?