United Nude

Just bumped into this ladies brand for the 1st time . (some great looking footwear i thought!)


Saw those a little while ago too, they look nice. It’s a shame that they are a bit late on the whole facet/angular theme though.

They’ve been doing great stuff for years. The founder is related to a big name architect, blanking on who at the moment. In person, that facetted shoe is pretty amazing. The combination of the glossy geometric body off it with the soft matter strap is great.

The other shoes are the site are quite cool too… thought they would look great if I saw someone wearing them

I’d really love to see what a range of men’s footwear from them might look like!

I’m pretty sure United Nude and Worn Again are part of Terra Plana? http://www.terraplana.com/vivobarefoot.php

And I’m sure I’ve seen some men’s stuff from them a few seasons ago…

I love United Nude- I have these mobius shoes in tan:

But yea, they’ve been around for quite sometime.

The parteners are Rem Koolhaas, Nephew of the THE Rem Koolhaas and Galahad Clark, grandson of Clarks founder Nathan Clark and also designer behind Terra Plana. Started to chat with them recently about a collab… :wink:
I LOVE the Stealth shoe too Michael. Got turned on to them about 7 years ago and got my wife a few pairs of Moebius heels