I have been checking out core on a daily basis for a long while now and I never post from fear of sounding stupid, but I figure thats its time for me to take part in the discussions. (stupid or not)

So I was wondering if anybody here has ever created any one-offs? and also what do you think of an unique object or experience?

I came to ask this question by looking at a plant in my apartment. I don’t think I would ever refer to a plant or nature as boring. Nature is not perfect. I think that makes it very interesting and also makes it enjoyable . If there was such thing as a perfect plant I would imagine it to resemble a grid, so it can optimize sunlight and water. If every plant were a grid I’m sure I would definitely refer to them as boring and I probably wouldn’t own one. As the more we learn about ourselves, is it possible to mass produce something that is perfect for our needs without it being/becoming boring?

Sure, most/all of my fine art work is a one-off. It’s totally do-able. Not everything in industrial design needs to be mass produced. Nature isn’t perfect (or is it…) there are similar things and small iterations of the same thing (plants for example). My furniture work also fits this one-off category. So, yes I’ve made one-offs. You should, too.

here’s a situation: a rig in a factory that is meant to mass produce some parts may be a one-off. I mean by rig a method of combining mouldmaking machines, heaters, coolers, etc, to make a production line. It’s a very interesting duality.

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong or stupid with one-offs. A good one off may be worth a thousand mass produced products.