Unique power cable wire for wall hanging installation

Hi All,

Looking for a recommendation for 18 or 20 gauge power cable that is “unique” and will allow some wall-hanging installations (light boxes) to blend into a space without a lot of “wires” showing. So far, I’ve researched:

  • Flat cables: Interesting, but limited in their ability to bend and not good at dealing with angles.

  • Rayon-fabric coated cables: The top choice right now as they are relatively flexible and at least interesting; come in colors etc…

…any other recommendations? The installation has to be built for easy teardown and minimal viewer attention to the cabling. In an ideal world, there would be sockets behind every piece in the wall - but…

Thanks for any advice!

If you’re looking for unique and colors, yet minimal attention to the cables… what exactly is the aesthetic you’re looking for? That might help narrow your options a bit.

Saw these guys at CES last year. http://www.flatwireready.com/products/lighting_products/low-voltagewire.html

Low voltage only though and you will need to figure out how to adapt it to your own lighting.

Thanks for the tip - I was thinking the flat wire might blend really well into a wall if perhaps colored (paint, cloth, something) to match. The idea is to find something that doesn’t look like the typical power cord, and can perhaps be easily covered or blended with varying backgrounds as the exhibit travels. My thinking was, either the cords are simply a visual part of the installation and I embrace it and design it in, or hide it by blending. Chameleon or peacock… I shy away from designing it in since it’s not an installation I’m supposed to be designing - but highlighting the images themselves. Chameleon.

…cords are a part of our world… where is Marcel Duchamp when you need him :slight_smile:

Is this a trade show booth? Why not just drill through the wall?

No some will be gallery-type walls - I can assume mounting screws are ok but no drilling. This might be a path as well: not particularly hidden, but they look cooler than plain wires…


Oh I see. My only other idea for you is coil cord. It may be too industrial looking for you though:

Just a quick example I found: http://www.coiledcords.com/

Actually, that’s not a bad suggestion for one of the other pieces I need to assemble - thanks for the link!