Unique Motorhome!

My Crx would definetly fit in there! Racing road trips :smiling_imp:

Is it me, or is that wrong on many levels? Cool. But wrong.

Now only if I can find a larger motor home that can fit my smaller motor home inside of it… that would be key.

The concept has been around awhile. I know I’ve seen a Mini fit in one of the rear loading motorhomes. It would be perfect for an amateur racer, but unfortunately, out of the price range.

Awesome, to take it up a notch, you should be able to drive the motorhome at about 15mph, and then drive the car on and off the platform, then you would be a real playboy… does the car talk?

I’m afraid I’m not programmed to understand sarcasm, Michael.

Now hit Turbo Boost already…

Optimus Prime?! Is that you?

Sort of close to this topic, but does anyone remember a TV show from some where around 1988-1990ish where the character drove around in a big semi truck that housed a helicopter and then the lower portion of the semi turned into a car? I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I want to say Night Man, but that was a different show.

Anyone have any ideas?

does anyone remember a TV show from some where around 1988-1990ish

You’re not thinking of Knight Rider, are you?

Yeah, I remember that show. It didn’t last long but the vehicles where cool. Don’t remember the name also :angry:

They Should totally bring back those shows…A Team, Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, and have an all out no holds barred car fight!

It shall be called the Battle of the Car Stars!!!

… Air Wolf would win… if piloted by Macgyver with Street Hawk for ground action.


… Air Wolf would win…Street Hawk???

Wow if that was a show… that looks awesome…those production sketches and models look off the chain…I’ve never seen that in action…but if only the fantasy world of…Tank Girl existed…Air Wolf would have some competition…

but then again…if the fantasy world of Jessica Rabbit existed…then the Centurions would come out of cartoon world and just annihilate anyone who crossed their path!!!
Battle of the Car Stars ! is theirs!

Found some info :smiley:

Volkner Mobile : from Germany


Why do you suppose they always slap those horrible graphics on the sides of those types of things?

I always assumed it was an American phenomenon, but it appears to be global. I would think they use the graphic to draw attention away from how slabsidedly huge these things are… it works, now all you see going down the road is an eyesore of a graphic…

I’d rather just see a few stripes in some tasteful colors (not tan, white, and hunter green)or something. I would go with a Pantone 424 base color with a wide P376 stripe… or maybe a fat P420 strip with a narrow 021 stripe below it… something like that.

Found it! The Highwayman. It had the guy from those Energizer battery commercials. OY!

Then this guy actually repainted it

How can you resist a plot like this.

In the future, most crimes start or end on the road. A new breed of law enforcers, known as “Highwaymen”, utilize fantastic helicopter-equipped, high-performance tractor-trailer rigs to deliver justice when other agencies fail.

Draw it up:D

Reminds me of Colani trucks: :laughing:

sounds like that old school arcarde game spyhunter.


sounds like that old school arcarde game spyhunter.

I can hear Peter Gunn in the background…