Unique aluminum extrusion catalog/supplier?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone could direct me to a supplier of standard “yet unique” stock aluminum extrusions.

These would be of the type used in the construction of bike trailers, jogging strollers, etc.

I have found many standard profiles but I am looking for a supplier that has some more… lets call it “contemporary” profiles to offer.

I know about Easton and Columbus however most of their material is geared towards bike tubesets. My application is closer to a jogging stroller.

For those also interested. The link to Columbus is below.



These guys have some interesting profiles, they seem to be most commonly used in the display/exhibition industry.


Unless your project is a one-off, you should consider having a custom profile made. You’ll pay for the extrusion die, but for something small it’s a lot cheaper than you might think, and after that you are just paying per foot for the tubing.