Unigraphics NX 5

Any NX users out there?

We’re switching from SW and I’m in UX training all week. I understand everything just fine but the UI is truly horrific. Also the sketching and adding of relations in sketches is awful. Is there something I’m missing, or is it really that bad?

I don’t remember sketching / relations to be notably bad (it’s been 2 years since I used NX in anger though) but I do remember many upsides :

  • expressions : a lot easier, with the ability to type them as you design (p2=p1/0.5) without having to re-enter any other dialogs - this made proportional design, for example, a lot easier.
  • Alias-style direct surface editing - with the real surface parameterisation not a simplified representation. NX has always been one of the few choices for those who need serious surface editing in a solid modeller.
  • goalseek method can be used to achieve things like a desired volume of a bottle by specifying which dimensions the software can change to achieve it. If only this existed in SW.

… but yes, you can expect a bit of pain in the learning process. SW is much kinder to learners (of which I’m one)

It’s getting smoother. There’s just a lot more mouse clicks than in SW though. Haven’t had a chance to play with the direct surface pushing and pulling yet.

get yourself a spaceball and you’ll never look back.
much more powerful surfacing cababilities particularly around edge continuity control.
I agree that the interface is not as clean and the learning curve is steeper but there’s no question it is a much more powerful program.

And much more expensive. Lest we not forget.

What suggestions do you have for those wanting to get into NX? Does the surface capability come with the base module?
I am playing around with NX6 and have not yet figured out the logic of the ui.

The official ‘CAST’ tutorials are pretty good and give you a good basic knowledge base to start from. After that, test your knowledge by modelling tricky organically shaped things from around the home or past products you’ve designed. That said, nothing gets you learning faster than diving straight into a live project ! Depends how much you like risk.

As with Pro/E, the surfacing module costs extra - and we’re talking thousands.

NX is what i learned over SW at university, and I adore the simulation tie in to this package, as its a lot more accurate than the cosmos suite in SW.

Also the surfacing is absolutely bang on with industry grade g0, g1, g2 tools available for surface continuity. well worth it if you want to actually make your products :smiley:

Shape studio has proved to be a pretty competent surfacing package. We’re still doing all or “sketch CAD” in Alias, but for stuff that’s getting passed on, the surfacing tools in NX are pretty good.

oh the referencing of dimentions is super easy,

if your doing an assembly, and cannot remember what size the hole was, you can just type =holedimentioninamedintheothermodel and it’ll automagically size it accordingly. Makes life super easy. Also the motion simulation and fea is top notch.