Unigraphics for ID?

Out of interest does anyone here use Unigraphics for ID?

They seem to be a big player but I don’t see many cases of it being used in ID.

I know Dyson use it for everything but who else?

The engineers used it at Kodak when i was interning there. Us designers used Alias Studitools…

Bosch Siemens Home Appliance (BSH) designers use it.

Dyson use it…well the nx version now I guess which mergeded IDEAS in to the system.

i remember seeing some CAD drawings from apple that were using unigraphics…

I have used UG on several projects. It is an awesome program, but huge, complex and requires a lot of hours to become efficient. It communicates quite well with Solidworks. My workflow used to be export surface references from Solidworks for manipulation in UG then back to Solidworks for final parameterized solid body modeling. Surprisingly, it worked very well.

UG glossy literature splashes some UK ID company but the name escapes me.

UG glossy literature splashes some UK ID company but the name escapes me.

That would be Alloy.

I’ve also just remembered Inno in CA use it.

We use it in our office. We’ve got 4 seats.
Some of the ladies here use solidworks but UG is better for more complex surfacing.
It also works really well with dumb solids. There’s a lot of manipulation tools to allow you to modify imported models from other packages.

It exports step and parasolid files easily which is what we use to send to the manufacturers.

I thought it was a pretty easy program to learn. 2 weeks of training and I was pretty much up to speed.