Uni project - How to manufacture toy with magnets??


Im in a group project at uni desiging a toy. We have our concept design that will use hollow pyramid shaped blocks made of some plastic (undecided) that will connect with one another with magnets.

We’re looking at having opposing pyramids contain magnetic disks and metal disks that will attract one another. We’re really not sure about the manufacturing process with the magnets, when to put them in place, how etc. Do we imbed the magnet disks within the plastic during manufacture?

Obviously an important issue is to keep the kiddies safe and not allow them to reach the magnets - (current design issue with recalls). I guess the best may be to buy a toy and pull it apart?

Any webby sites for help?

Many thanks all, John

I think it depends how good you want your disassembly to be…i.e. do you want to go go green and be able to remove all metal parts from the plastic moulding to all ow it to be recycled easily.

You can get quite strong magnets now so you could put them on the inside?, so they arn’t visible to the child…thus removing the chance of them being taken out by the kid. You could get them in there with a variety of methods; glue or over moulding them in place, would be kinda bad as they could then be easily extracted for disassembly. Have you considered screwing them in, or holding them in place by a mating part?

I would have a look on the ISO/BSI standards for toy design, might mention something about magnets…looking at some disassembly guides would also be good too.

cool, thanks man! have been looking a few things up from your leads. anyone eelse, please?? :smiley:
cheers john