Uni application portfolio

Hi, My name is leo, I am year 12 high school student from Australia. I am going to apply for the bachelor of industrial design in Monash university. They are asking for a 8-10 pages portfolio that demonstrate 2d and 3d thinking and creativity. please give me some advice on how i can improve my portfolio. Thank you very much !!!


Hi Leo,

For a 12 year old you have some nice work here. I did not look close into the text you have written, but quickly scanned over it. I have a couple of tips for you:

  • They ask to show 2d thinking and creativity. You have some sketches, but they are only from 1 product. I think it would be nice to show a combination of sketches with different kinds of cameras and shapes. For example:

  • The lay-out is a bit to clean for me personally and not really attractive. Maybe it would be nice to align all the images and work with a grid.

Here is a website about a book that is about portfolios: http://portfoliohandbook.com. I have not used this book yet, but will look into it when I will create my new portfolio.

thank you for your advice, I’ll add some more sketches into it.
(actually, I am year 12 student, my last year of high school, not I am 12 year old, :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: )

Oh sorry for that :slight_smile: We have a different indication for our years at high school, so I made a mistake with that one.

:smiley: :smiley:

Finish. Please give me some advice!!! Thank you so much!!!

I don’t what the average standard is, but I think it is pretty good for a high school student. Before sending it I would make a consistent layout. The titles and content is positioned all different on each page. It will look a bit sloppy if there is no consistency. Also little things like “sports car concepts” without a capital letter and “Guitar stand” with one looks sloppy. You can take a look at magazines for examples on how to make things a bit more fancy.

As said before, make a proper grid and follow the same template for consistence.
Try to number or show the stages of the process in a serial manner eg. the guitar project. its very confusing.
It would be easy to know more and understand the steps for your guitar project eg. cutting, pasting, paining etc…
Its a good work with communicable sketches and CAD renders for a 12th grade student.
Good luck!


It’s nice to see a pre-University portfolio on here for critiquing, well done!

My input would be that you show a good, early understanding of drawing, idea generation, CAD generation, rendering etc, all of which you’ll be expanding on massively during University, and during your working career.

I would second some of the earlier comments about cleaning up and simplifying the layout. I always prefer to see hand-written notes next to sketches, but this is no big deal.

I’ve always thought that being able to draw nice looking arrows is key to not ruining an otherwise nice sketch. Your overly bold and blocked-in arrows on your action cam distract from the drawings, so try and keep these simple. When applicable, I make make sure my arrows sit on the same perspective as the sketch itself, which helps how they relate to the drawing.

thank you very much for all of your advices!!! I have already submit my portfolio, now waiting for the interview. :laughing: :smiley:

Interviews went well, got a offer from RMIT already,waiting for the monash offer

Interviews went well, got a offer from RMIT already,waiting for the monash offer