Unemployment Blues

Tiring of my search, I started a blog that has been a sort of outlet for me. I write what is going on in my job search process, and also what I’m doing to cope. I would love if others would give me some honest feedback and possibly join on.


Any takers?

I’m kind of turned off by the title. It makes me feel like it’s just going to full of furious rants about not finding a job. Something more lighthearted and adventurous would work better :smiley:. Also, blogspot is so 2006. Tumblr’s where it’s at now. Good luck with your job hunt.

Ditto to Tarng. But, nice bit about skipping HR. Definitely works…

Sweet! I’ll make the jump to Tumblr’s, thanks for the advice. I totally get what your saying about the title, now that you say it, I realize it’s exactly what I’m trying to get away from. Thanks for the help.

I like the HR skipping part. But how do you approach the designers and Senior’s. Do you go by asking portfolio reviews or directly ask about the job role. I have been trying to contact with the designers who work in the company through linkedin search. Though they accept the invitation, their reply is " you should apply through the website or emails and if you match, someone will contact, then we can talk". So until then they cant talk, review or comment on anything. Some accept the invitation and dont respond.
So I am wondering if contacting the designers will be any help, or if someone refers you to those designers, then they might be courageous to respond? Few of them even though that I am some competitor sought to get an inside scoop.

I don’t think you should ever add someone on LinkedIn unless you’ve met them or have been introduced by someone else. It’s not about courageous or not, but it’s simply not their job to look at your stuff/they’re busy. Their companies have HR people to handle you.

It also depends on the way you phrase it. Are you phrasing it as “could you give me some feedback on my work?” or are you saying “I’m looking for a job, what do you think of my portfolio?”. Many will be hesitant if you mention a job or opportunities, but a majority of designers are open to giving feedback. Once you get that channel of communication going, getting an “in” may be easier (although not guaranteed).

Tarng- Fair enough. Better way to get the channel. For linkedin, I have tried to get introduced by other person in network. But they say, they hardly remember who it is and can’t help. So I sought to checking their websites and get contact number or email by introducing myself. Usually only locals who I could actually meet. I also use google analytics to see /guess who had visited my website and judge if I should follow up. Usually I don’t bother if someone stays just for couple of seconds and exit. Maybe they are not interested.

Has the analytics service been free, or have you needed to pay a fee?

Analytics is free. Just have gmail account and connect your website to analytics.