Unemployed 8mths - whats wrong?

I’ve been unemployed for over 8months now - have applied it feels like to every company in Australia and now i’m even looking abroad for design work.

any feedback on my portfolio would be great and if anyone has any contacts… anywhere!


This wont help but i remember following your audi TT tutorial on PD forums agaes ago. The end result is amazing!

Had a look at your folio and it looks solid to me, maybe its just a case of keep pluggin away as i know my industry (retail design) is not hiring at the moment either here in the UK…

Good luck!

nate, this isnt addressing your question, but I remember you having some pretty sweet sketches/renders on that vehicle in your portfolio. Didnt it travel in a human body or something, like honey i shrunk the kids?

You should put some of those sketches renderings in your folio…For some reason, what you are showing now doesnt look as hot as the other imagery. (it is still awesome work…just thought the others were more eye catching)

i feel your pain with the job search though, best of luck.

unpaid internships to get experience? Personal projects to keep your skills up or get noticed? I feel you pain, but keep at it and good luck!

Perhaps it’s your location? I know companies are less willing to relocate potential employees.

As designers we have this ultimate ability to dictate our environment. From Automotive styling to pop displays the industry is ours for the taking. However when someone comes to me and asks for a “job”, as an employer I have to factor in so many issues that I myself may not be willing to take on. However if i am working on a project and I meet a designer offering a particular skillset, this becomes a lot easier to negotiate. Dont sell your title, offer your skills…That is how to ride this economic wave. Example, if you are good at sketching, show samples to architects, illustrators, media producers, etc…good at 3D CAD, offer services to engineers, machinist, manufacturers…

Prepare collateral promoting your skillset. We are not “business men”, we are a “business” man!

I agree here. I think especially in these hard time this is a great option. Don’t be afraid to take on little small projects for whoever is willing to give them to you. When I first came out of school I took on creating flyers for a local family rum hardware store. I heard from a construction friend of mine that they needed some promo work and did not have the money to hire a firm to do them for them. I went over and offered my skills and gave them a price. I also took over flow CAD and illustration work for a local design firm. This was not the most exciting work, but it paid the bills.

I think you have a great portfolio and I am confidant you will get there. Just be determined and push yourself everyday and don’t give up. Where have you been looking? Are you willing to move? Have you scoped out the places in your area you would like to work or even the places outside your area you would like to work? If so find the Design Director or Principle of the firm and send them an email. Give them a cold call and be read with what you would like to say. One of the tactics I used was not to ask for a job, but to ask if they would take a look at my portfolio and offer advice. Most are willing to do this.

Good luck and keep us posted!!

hey sorry for the late reply.

so it looks like i jut need to keep at it - working on competitions helps me stay focused but long term unemployment is pretty draining on the old motivation.

i’ve been doing any work - stacking shelfs etc just to get food money.

i’ve lined up an apartment in Kufstien, Austria for 1 month and one in Munich Germany for 2 months through old friends - going to head over there and give it a crack.

i’ll update my folio this week with new projects - some of my furniture has been shortlisted in some comps, good to get that sort of feedback.

Nathan Mills

Just curious, why did you choose teh flipbook interactive layout?

Personal opinion.
I cant see or read anything.
Which doesnt make me want to look at it.
Which doesnt make me want to zoom in to look at it.
Because it makes me dizzy and is taking an experience of lookin at a portfolio complicated which should normally be simple and easy to understand.

Maybe a standard pdf would be better.

I’d have to agree, i stopped reading after the first few pages.