Understanding the KaosPilots

Uffe Elbæk
Principal, KaosPilot
Author: KaosPilot A-Z

GK. VanPatter
Co-Founder, NextDesign Leadership Institute
Partner & Co-Founder, UnderstandingLab


Who will lead design in the 21st century?

its easy to go to school in demark, it’s free for them. Just think how nice it would be if americans had free schooling???

Not so nice when you realize free schooling isn’t free, it = taxes up the yin tang for life for everyone, whether they got for a doctorates, or just graduate highschool, not very fair, and you end up pretty much in the same spot.

I spent 6 years in Denmark . I posted the message above yours.

trust me, they are better off.

I was going to to stay for that free eduction before I moved back to USA. My loss:(