Undergraduate ID school in the UK

I’m a highschol Junior living in the states who wants to go to the UK to study ID. If I can’t go to the UK because of money, etc., I would like to study in NY.
I looked at Pratt and U of the Arts over winter break, and neither of them really felt like a good fit, mostly because they were soley art centered.
Even though I’ve been interested in ID for a few years now, I would prefer to go to a school with many departments so if I change my mind about my major I can do it within my school.
So, if it’s not too tall of an order, I would love some ideas of more general schools with good ID programs.

In the UK some of the top undergrad ID schools are Loughborough, Brunel (London), Glasgow School of Art, Central St Martin’s and de Montfort. (There are many others and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of posts in response…)

If you want to build in the ability to transfer to different desciplines within the same school, then I suppose it depends how different you want to go. Brunel and Loughborough certainly have loads of other departments, from psychology to engineering. Central St Martin’s is more focused on art & design.

Maybe too try & get an idea of the sort of work that comes out of the courses, so you can see if it’s what you’re into.

Brunel ID students’ work:

Loughborough ID students’ work: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/cd/docs_dandt/students/show04/index.html

Not sure of the addresses of the others.

Also, consider South Bank (London)

would most definately agree with the previous post.

check loughborough and brunel, top reputations


Oh yeah and Middlesex (also London), Bournemouth (south coast) and Napier (Scotland) had some interesting ID work too.

it’s kind of difficult to find the actual projects on that Brunel site listed above

this is a more direct link http://www.goodthinking.org.uk/directory.aspx

and http://www.goodthinking.org.uk/photos/photos1/featured.aspx

Would agree with the guys above some top universities have been mentioned.

I studied Product design Developmen at the University of Salford which is in Manchester. The thing that attracted me to Salford was the range of courses on option, everything from 3d digital design down Museam Exhibition design. The guys at Salford are excellent and many of them have come from Industry, the uni has strong links with industry so finding a work placement is often not a problem.

The reason i mention salford is because you said you wanted the option of switching courses if not happy, i know this is possible to do at salford as a friend of mine done it actually he switched 3 time b4 choosing design studies.

The uni is very well equiped and is cut of from all the other course it has its own building which is very well designed and the facilities are excellent. I would highly recommend this place, no harm in having a look. They do have a website and you are able to search courses online. If you need any personal contact details for staff i can provide you with those.

Hey i liked this place so much that i stayed and did my masters here as well.

Hey Harpzz,

I remember the brochure/booklet for Design at Salford was fantastic! Really intriguing photos of projects and the facilities, very classy design without the “corporate imposed” generic style that so many other design departments are forced to have.

Sounds like a great place.

If you ever decide to come over for a look or interview, be sure to meet me up i can show you around and get you a proper view of the uni, show you all the good and bad stuff. Knowing the Uni so well and the staff I can provide you with an excellent tour of the place besides I would love to go back and see how the place is now.

Thanks for all the ideas, I’m looking into them all!