Undergraduate courses in Europe.

Undergraduate courses in Europe.

Hi I am in my last year of school and I love design + technology and art. so I have decided to do a degree in industrial/product design but don’t know which school to go for. Here are the school I have bin told are supposed to be really good, opinions and info please help:

In the UK:
Central st martins – product design
Camberwell - 3d design
Brunel – product design
Ravensbourne – product design
Nottingham Trent – product design

In the rest of Europe:
Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts
The design academy in Eindhoven
TU delft
Ecole de Creation Manqagement

Please help me.

Any info?

I wish I could help you, but I will pass this on to some friends who might know.


Hi, I think your choice of course will depend on what sort of designer you want to become. More arts-based courses like those at Ravensbourne and CSM are often quite different to techinical, more engineering-based ones at places like Brunel and Loughborough. As i understand it Trent’s course can be done with furniture as well. Foreign courses are another matter altogether as it will depend on your ability to afford the fees required of an overseas student which will probably be quite big. My advice would be to ignore the names of the courses and read all of the literature each gives out. Visiting each one is good too, make sure you speak to current students. London courses may also be good for making links with industry and getting lots of good contacts.


Go to the frame magazine website for a article on design academy and one on ECAL. Its explained that ECAL is loosely based on the design academy philosophy.

I have really good references from the ecole cantonale d’art de lausanne,
check it out.

Ravensbourne coroflot’s:


This is a good idea!
Go to coroflot and search for the different schools to gadge and compare the work produced.

I think this is a good thread, as I am from the US and was thinking of applying to a school in Europe. Nice

Call me a stupid a American if you whish, but what language do they speak in Switzerland ( I have a feeling its French and German)? As I have also hear good things about ECAL and was thinking of applying there when I finish highschool next year. But I thought the language barer might be a problem? What is the leading language at the collage its self is it ok to just speak English?

(I feel a bit as aimed I only speak English now!)

Sorry I meant ashamed not “as aimed”

Thanks for replying to my post but it would be useful if anyone could go into more detail about any of the schools programs + philosophies. Especial if you have any first hand experience

There’re always going to be language issues when in a different country. I don’t actually know if it’s possible to go to ecal if you only speak English. But if anyone knows the leading languages + if its possible to apply if your not fluent to the schools I mentioned in the original post this would be helpful to all interested.

Ok hears what I know ill try to sum up the courses as best as I can. I have researched many of these schools as I am also trying to pick a school.

Central St martins and Ravensbourne: have a good reputation for producing creative products there more on the art side, but still give a good all-round knowledge of design very good courses.
Camberwell: is based on producing one-off peaces and educating you into a designer/makers.
Brunel: is VERY engineering based with les design process and more technical knowledge.
Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts: I don’t know much but ive heard good things.
Design Academy, Eindhoven: also has a good reputation but I think if you not dutch its best to do the IM masters rather than the undergrad course as its specially designed for international students and if you do the undergrad you will knead to speak dutch.
ECAL is supposed to be an amazing school and probably the most interesting one you have mentioned as I believe you will get the best education from this school but as for the language issues you will have to speak French.[/quote]

In Switzeland they speak german, french or italian dependingand on which area, I think in Lausanne the language is french. The do have good english by default the bstrds!! I don’t know about the official language of the school, check it out mate, best thing is to make a phone call and talk to the guy himself.Good luck

ECAL is french

Again, It’s swiss


I know its Swiss but I meant they speak French

sorrry didnt mean to sound like an asshole, tnx


Yes its best to apply to the masters at Design Academy if your not from the Netherlands as the course is designed for internatonal students (its in the title IM stand for internatonal masters)