Undergrad vs Grad

Hi everyone,
I’m an undergrad engineering mechanical engineering student looking to go into industrial design after i graduate. Should i apply for a graduate program in ID or should i go for a 2nd undergrad? I know some schools have grad programs that offer preliminary classes to applying student without an id background. Should this sway me?

I can’t speak for other schools, but at my school the grad program and undergrad are VERY VERY different.

I mentioned going into the grad program to one of the grad students and I was told “you are way overqualified, it would be a waste of your time.”

If you want more specific information about my school’s programs send a private message.

jchy, what are your career objectives? Where do you see yourself one year out of school, 5 years out, 10 years… The skill set you acquire from grad is very different from undergrad.

i want to be working for a consulting firm, and possibly eventually starting my own firm…also open to moving into some kind of design management

jchy, welcome to the boards. This question has been asked and the answers re-hashed many times. I’m sure a lot of the vets on here are reluctant to go into it again. Use the search feature and search in the student’s and schools sub forum for better answers.

thanks for the warm welcome…yah haha i realized after posting that there are dozens of posts already up asking the exact same stuff

I’m thinking the students n’ schools section might need a sticky hashing out the whole undergrad vs grad topic.