Under Armour running concept

Hey all,

Wanted to share a little UA running project I put together. I did it in about a week with some hand sketching and working illustrator versions as I went. I wanted to have a “tough” looking shoe that communicated the feel of the brand…almost like a Full Back version of a typical running shoe (or a running shoe on roids) that communicated speed and had a breathability and dual EVA impact protection story. In addition, I did some thinking about implementing their moisture wicking material into a seamless interior and doing a quilted Hex pattern to allow heat to dissipate away from the foot.

I knew I wanted to have a mostly mesh upper with some HF welded exoskeletal support overlays and an aggressive/durable toe cap. I played with overlasting the forefoot and heel with the first density of EVA to bring the shoe closer to the foot, but think this may have been a poor approach in the end. Anyways, all feedback appreciated!


VD23:That is sick!! Thanks for posting it TH, i always love your work, your sketches and illustration. It is so easy to understand your design. Good job, that is real fire there. can you teach me your techniques???pleassseee :smiley:

Tony, that is really nice work, my man. Very hot. Since starting running about 3 months ago, I’ve been geeking out on running shoe design. I understand your mission to create a “running shoe on roids”. But I think your design would be better off called a cross-trainer, especially for Under Armour. That’s what it looks like, and at this stage in the life of Under Armour, it makes a the best sense, as this shoe is a good logical first step toward a running shoe for them.

Thanks Ryan! Good thoughts. I can agree that it does look more “trail” or “crosstrainer”. Granted, running is probably my weakest link…but I gave it a go.

Flight: My techniques? Yours look pretty good to me!!! Thanks for the feedback!

TH – Do you mind posting these files in the “Running and Running Shoes” thread at KG?

Great stuff. The ideology is crazy. I love your presentations.

Yo!!! These are hot. I must say the tie-inspired mesh is my favorite part. Looks really clean. Great work dude!

Yo, thanks guys!

AK- the tie actually inspired the print on the synthetic toe cap. Look closely :wink:

Ryan: Yeah, I’ll try to get them up tonight for ya.


Oh yeah you’re right, my bad. Still looks clean though!

Yep, agreeing with ak47celtics, the tie-inspired pattern is a hit with me and my teammates. My favorite use of it, however, is on the next to last rendering, where it’s done in red on the heel and eyerow. It’s smokin.

Love the work man. Big fan of your stuff and still cant see why no one has picked you up yet. Where do your get all your textures for your renderings?

Keep up the work man and are you doing an Internship anywhere yet?

Cubby – Dude’s been workin for Skechers for two years.

My bad ryan…havent had time to update on the fellow shoe up and comers.Late congrats on the Skechers job.

Nice stuff.

carefull to the movement that you gave to the toe,i think is a bit too mutch.


As usual, you do a great job of setting the bar on what a portfolio level project is.

a lot of great details and thoughts, I’m attracted to the sketch pages the most.
I think you had it on the first concept sketch page, upper right hand sketch. That proportion was a bit hotter I think, in addition to that eyestay being very fresh and iconic. I love the depth of detail on the the final (especially on the white and red block which has a lot more punch) but I think there is a modernity and across the field iconic read to that little red thumbnail that draws me.

I also go back to those 3/4 heel views and wish I could se some of this thinking wrap into the lateral.

Great stuff man.
Bar raised.
Envelope pushed.

Thanks MD!!! That eyerow on the sketch you are referring to was actually my very first thought. But I started thinking it just looked NOTHING like any running footwear I’ve seen (which is maybe why I SHOULD have used it) so I went away from it thinking that maybe UA would have to ease into the market and gain a little trust with something more familiar before going way out. I guess I should have gone for it. Anyways, I am suprised by all of the positive feedback on these. Thanks to all!


I think that is why I was drawn to it as well, but I think your strategy is probably correct!

Great process work.

For me however, i find the final design a little middle of the road and not strong enough in a unique visual appeal and across the field read.

Would like to see something more unique to the brand, perhaps working with the logo, or otherwise developing a product DNA that stands out.

I too liked some of your sketches more than the final. But also kinda find them looking like a nike xt shoe from 5 years ago missing a swoosh.

my fave part of your work is the small black and white sketch of what i think is the stretch inner bootie. very minimal with some nice flow and lines. could see that working out to a pretty slick runner.

nice work. overall excellent portfolio piece. good thinking about the details and construction. if you could step up the design and combine it with your great sense of inspiration you’d have a winner for sure.


Thanks, Rich!

That’s a really great critique. Something that can help me grow!


sure thing. you got great skills now and im looking forward to see how you develop!