Under Armour Concept

I decided to try and do something other than an B-Ball shoe. So I did a concept shoe for Under Armour. I wanted to create a cleat light enough to be worn by quicker players(running back, Wide Receiver), but also provide enough support so bigger players(line men, blockers) can wear them. Any feedback welcomed.

Very nice pages here Reggie - I like some of your lines a lot!

Saved to the HD for future inspiration…

Thanking you for sharing!

nice process.

one thing you might want to consider more is the downfield identity of the product. You’ve mentioned making the logo more visible in the your brief (top of page), but i dont see that concept as followed through as it could be.

Brand identity is more than logo.

You have addressed the logo on the strap in a nice way, but still it doesnt stand out. Part has to do with the colorway.

Moreso than the logo, something to consider is the overall colorblocking and identity from 20, 30, 50 Yards away. At that level you cant see the logo, no matter how big it is, so it’s up to the overall form and color and major shapes to tell the brand story.

Generally speaking, this is something i find unaddressed in most american football boots. most are black and white, and sorta all look the same in the blur of motion. Given UA is relatively new to the field (no pun intended), this would be something great to address, and you’ve got a good start with some nice forms and overall design language.

Overall, I personally like some of the concepts you have in the page 2 more than the final. I’m not sure if its the rendering style of the final (looks a bit flat), but I think you have better overall patterns and dynamic shapes going on.

Work on the blocking a bit more, and you’ve got something! The big strap has good potential for colorblocking, see what else you can do with. I’d also like to see more happening on the medial side and dont really follow where the strap comes over (you are showing laces on the medial view). I could also maybe see more of the upper forms/blocking carrying into the bottom. It looks a bit generic. Maybe carrying the thick strap look into the arch area would work. Certainly needs more of a logo/identity on the bottom as well.



RK I’m glad you pointed out the brand identity means more than just a larger logo. Without even seeing a logo I can identify a Nike or Adidas shoe soley on the style and shape of the shoe. Since Under Armour is new company its hard to try to find there style because they don’t have the history, but I guess its up to me to create that style.

When it comes to Under Armour the first colorway I think of is black. Everything about the company IMO screams dominant, strength, and masiculinity. From there logo to the commercials, and even the main sport they push(american football). To me, black fit the company the best.

With that said I noticed that every shoe I do ends up having black in it because its my favorite color. So I wanted to try a white based shoe with no black on the shoe, because white shoes are hard for me to render(I tried to challenge myself) and I wanted to break out my normally “black colored shoe” box. The shoe does look flat but I struggle with shading a white shoe because too much shading makes the shoe look either dirty or grey, and not enough shading makes the shoe look flat.

I chose that as my final concept because I felt it was the culmination of all my concepts and I felt it hit all the points that I mentioned in the brief.


I’d be careful with your promotion of UA as masculine. I’m not necessarily disagreeing, but they are expanding (and doing well) in the womens market. Not just because of the masculine look either , but as THE prototype. I thought this was a great spin away from masculinity itself, and into excellence, power, success, touch, finesse… all things that make great athletes incredible.

The cleats: interesting idea. The medium between the players you were describing are usually linebackers, tight ends, safties, colliegiate H-backs. It might be tough to really get a shoe for both the smallest and fastest, and the biggest and … um… er… biggest. But there is some crossover in your sketches, so I can roll with that.

Your flex zones look loose, which is good- but look at the way the Achilles panel wraps around the back vs how you show it upward lacing in the front. The laces won’t lay or pull in the direction you have them drawn. In terms of fit, these laces will pull down over each other and could/ will create a pressure point and will actually reduce heel hold and ankle support.

I was always a huge fan of uni design, and would kill to have my cleats work with my uni- rather than an extra piece that I put on.

Oh- and I’d increase your cleat height… helps with the stature and media guide. 6’4 225 sounds cooler than 6’2.

JB I see what you are saying as far as how UA wants to market themselves now, but when I hear the name Under Armour I still think of it as a masculine company. It takes awhile to change the perception of a company with just one commercial. To me sports in general is thought of as masculine. I know its not political correct when you say the world athlete who and what comes to your mind first.

I hate drawing laces because all the criss crossing confuses me in illustrator. I drew them that way basically to just show where the eyelets are. What style of laces would you suggest. Yeah the cleats are a little low but thats for lower ride. LOL!!!

But overall do you guys think the project is cool.

Reg- my experiences are all about fit and closure… so for me I mostly question the angle of the laces as they would sit against the leg. I wouldn’t really know what laces to suggest, but in my mind I see the kind of laces here that are more oval-like, with the thin lines at the sides.