Can I ask this question without getting gangraped in the forums here?

Why is everyone going so nuts over Umea lately? Is there that much killer publicity lately, or is it Flavour Of The Month? Has anyone actually set foot in Sweden, or is it just trendy?

Just asking anyways. I’m at Lund University (Ingvar Kamprad DesignCentrum) in the very southern tip of Sweden…we here are like an hour away from Copenhagen Denmark and very accessable to hte rest of Europe. Not to be a voice of doom, but is Umea that much more glamorous then here? Jeeze, it’s October 15th today and it was getting dark at friggin 2.30pm…Umea is like 1000kms north of here, so hello darkness and alcoholism! Ha ha, just kidding, just want to make sure potential Swedish students are looking at Lund as well, since there is SO much tech and design around here.e

Not to rag on my Umea peeps, but just wondering why it’s the only scandinavian school getting any ink here.

I think it is beacuse it is easy to remember the name UMEA. I think it’s all hype.

Do you think maybe that the Swedish women students in UMEA are naked all the time? Naked in class, naked in lab, naked in the bus, naked at home?

ıt may be bec of the fact that umea has one of the best opportunities in the whole europe as a design school

Yeah, opportunities to freeze your ass off!!!

I don’t know if Umeå is the best in Europe, but it has been officially evaluated as the best in Sweden. The weather, light and women have not been included in this. The main reasons have been the curriculum, the facilities, the enormous industry collaboration and the results. It is a small school, only 100 students, the masters programs are in English (do they have masters programs at Lund?) During the last 7-8 years, at the national Swedish degree project competitions, Umeå has won most of the prizes. The students usually get good jobs internationally, I am not sure what else DangerSverige needs to know. If he likes being near Copehagen, why not try the Danish Design School? :laughing:

What is the main language of instruction at UMEA’S Bachelor ID program?

The language of instruction in BA Programs is Swedish.

By the way I don’t know if it is “the best” but it is definitely worth being cold for a while… :wink:

I think that one should be very careful when saying things like being offically evaluated as the best…

In order to say so one should first consider the factors involved and also the fact that politicts to a certain degree always affect these so called official evaluations… the university system in sweden is far from based on the factor of knowledge transfer…

I mention Copenhagen because most people outside of Sweden don’t know of cities like Malmo, Goteborg and Lund. Copenhagen is the nearest major city to where I am.

Lund University (like Umea) is one of the oldest universities in Europe, I think Lund University has been around since 1668, and has something like 40-50,000 students.

They have Masters degrees, doctorates and everything. You can study anything you can imagine here, it’s not like it’s some little quaint upstate college, it’s a full university

Take a look at Turku Polytechnic in Turku, Finland for a really great design program that is rather new, I think

Hey reddog, do you know for a fact that you can graduate from Umeå without having the university-level swedish? I thought that in order to graduate from ANY university in Sweden you needed that, but if Umeå is not that way, that I would say that is a great, great advantage!

I say this as I am sitting in my Swedish language class dreaming about design!

All master courses at Umeå Institute of Design are taught in English. A high percentage of the students are not Swedish and do not speak Swedish at all. Some try to learn Swedish but since the design education is quite demanding few have time to spend on Swedish classes …

Bachelor courses are only taught in Swedish.

Yeah, I was here for two years and learned very little Swedish. At the end of last semester, I was told I needed to attain university level fluency before I could come back. Makes sense, I guess, just wish I had been given more of a head start. And like you said, with fulltime design studies, when do you have time to learn a language?

So I’m stuck pretty much studying Swedish full time for at least another 6 months or so.

Ah well, could be worse.

Naked in Umea, eh? Little chilly?

Sorry, forgot to mention that when I started at Lund University I was the only foreign student in the whole 5 year program. Now there are craploads of imports from everywhere…Hopefully the school will ease up on the rules, as situations like mine will probably scare off foreign students!

Please post your picture here.

so you are telling me you would NOT want to be around very beautiful
swedish girls no i mean ladies and be in an award winning design school.

hmmm i think i have to think about that one…
even the name sounds sexy U M E A…


a friend of mine ( from chicago) took the leap to Umea after working for a year and a half in Germany. The masters is in English and offers free tuition to a certain number of people outside of sweden. That is key in my book for going back to school. he did his undergrad at IIT and really appreciated the curriculum at Umea. They seem well connected to industry as well which I think is the reason for god job placement…

I agree! Wish your friend all the best of luck!

Has has everyone taken a look at the Atari sketches ‘Yo’ has posted?

Totally old school kickass, they really made my day! Thanks man! Need to find some of the first-generation Nintendo ones now. Who amongst us wasn’t a Nintendo-No-Friend-O at some point? Hahahahaha

Europe is great, USA is great, Canada still fits in there somewhere. Hoo ahh :smiley:

Hi everyone!
A lot talk about Umeå lately… It’s a good school, no question about it, but the school produce skilled ID robots. My opinion is that they (not everyone of course) can think outside the given structure of our society. They do the best being told what to do, and solve that the best way. No personal character or style. No avant-garde or twist. If you want to be a thinking designer with a personality, don’t go there…
Hard word, but something to think of… What do you want to achieve?

I still love you all in Umeå, no offence…

Love vibe passed right back to ya!

I totally understand what you mean in your post, the mentality here kind of drives me nuts as well sometimes.

Ah well, could be worse, eh?

Night night all