Hi! I´m studying at Umea Institute of Design so if there is anything that you would like to know just give me a hint!


Oh sorry…it wasn´t supposed to be a new topic but anyway…!

Hi Jacob, is that school in sweden? Could you tell me more about the program. My email:

I wanna go there next year if everything’s ok then.
So contact me if possible, thanks alot!

sure…is umea mainly a trans oriented school…or does it have a good product department as well?


I’m not going to Umea next year, but in chalmers in goteborg to do a master in automotive ID, but I think there is a link between Umea and Chalmers through Sason school. So maybe you have some information about it, or maybe some feedback from current student.

Thank u


Information on the Sason school here (still under construction though):

It is more product that trans really. the bachelor program is ‘traditional’ ID, and it also offers a Master’s in Advanced Product Design. I’d suggest taking a look at the student work that is available on the school site, i.e. the grad work from last year: This year’s grad show is in a month, so new work should be up soon.

Didn’t apply to Umea , but just applied to HDK’s Master in Design in Gothenburg. (Looking to focus on interior design, currently work as interior designer) Am curious about it’s reputation in Sweden and Europe. If you know anything or anyone I can contact to learn more please respond.


Hey There Jacob

Im interested in Advanced Product Design Master.Are you attending that one? If you do could you give me your impressions? If you dont have you met someone that I can contact?

I have an interview with Advanced Product Design Programme leader of Umea through telephone, could you possibly tell me how to prepare it?

Thanks in advance.

I have a few questions about Umea this other design school in Goteborg that I’m hearing about…

Is the school in GTB in english? I have just spent an entire year studying swedish fulltime, only to be told (on the DAY of my giant swedish exam) that Lund University (Ingvar Kamprad DesignCentrum) wants me to study Swedish for another full year before coming back…even though the entire program has been 100% in English

Am investigating my options around Sweden and Scandinavia. I only have one year left in a master’s degree here, and I’d really like to finish it!

Anyone with advice can please email me at

(tack sa mycket for din hjalp till min Svensk kamraterna)


I am also looking into applying to Umea next year. Prefer the MA Interaction Design though.

What’s the reputation like? How about facilities, tutotrs, etc? I read a little bit on Umea’s website but then again everything looks good in print.

I read they only admit 8 students per year. What kind of work do they like to see? (studied Product Design & New Media in the UK)

Would be happy for any information and advice!


I got interviewed by the Prof. Avondoglio too.

I wonder if anyone has got a reply from them?


say hello to theresa h. if you know her :wink:)