Are there any guys from UMEA? I really need some help. Can u leave your email here? Thank u so much:)

go to and check out the current students, they all have email addresses…send them a mail and I am sure they will help out! :slight_smile:

Thank you ! :smiley:

what do you want to ask from them actually?

:blush: I am confused about some details about the application forms:(

He i am a Umea student, where do you wnat to apply, APD. TD or ID? If you want some info, maybe I can help you. So far I can tell you that it is the Best school in the world, except for the freaking cold.

:smiley: thank you so much for that. Whould you please give me your contact information? Or do you mind send a mail to my email address:

Thanks again!

hey i am thinking of applying as well, for ID undergrad if you could please send me info too :smiley: thanx

hey- umearules, which program are you in?

I plan to apply for Masters in TD in UMEA.How would you rate the course comapred to the RCA?
Maybe lets have + and - of UMEA and RCA???

hey guys ;

i am planning to apply to UMEA for a bachelors degree in ID.I have alrady a bachelors in Mechanical engineering and i have 2 and a half years of work experience at the GM - tech centre india.

They are telling me i should learn swedish first and take a test before me being you know how and where i can learn swedish or any info that would help me get intO UMEA.


savyas man…stop thread jacking!

hey guest;

Sorry to barge in on like that…but hey i desparately need some info on UMEA. Guess u cant help me out here on this forum or what.?


Yeah, I’d be interested in a comparison between RCA and UMEA, anyone who has knowledge. I’m considering a MFA in ID, and these two schools keep coming up as being the best in Europe.

hey savyas!

why the heck don’t you call UmeÃ¥ and ask the what you want to know???

the swedes are pretty good when it comes to english and they will gladly help you!
…cause, actually… I am getting a little tired of you “thread jacking” and your constant “umeÃ¥ this, umeÃ¥ that”…

sÃ¥ com’on, you’ll get nowhere in ID when your afraid of asking the right people!!

good luck… and by the way, UmeÃ¥ is very very compedetive and hard to get into, so be prepared… I would not get in for example, i think!

Hey guest;

Thanks for the info. i Had tried calling faculty and administrative staff at Umea but most of them are on holiday…So why dont you first login man;l dont even know who u are and u say u are tired of me ; for what…???

LOOK its Plain and simple…i need some info on that college …so if u can help me out please do so or else…let others do it…

I heard the college is very competitive…hope to get in …lets see will let you know in case i do…


What info do you need? pretty much every thing you need or could want to know can be found on the umea site.

When did you try calling? the staff should be back from holidays now. You should also consider contacting one or two students from your country that study (or have studied) at umea. Often that’s the best way to get some relevant perspective on what it’s like to study there, find out how it is different from schools in your own country, and what the students sent to the school when they applied. You can search for students from your country on this page (just enter your country in the appropriate field).

If you can’t speak Swedish fluently then I wouldn’t recommend the BA program, as good as it is. It’s mainly Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish students that study the first three years there. If you already have a Mech. Eng. degree and experience at GM then perhaps you should be thinking about the Advanced Product program.

If you are still interested in the BA program and/or want to begin learning Swedish, I’d suggest contacting your local Swedish consulate. They will probably have a list of places that offer classes or be able to suggest other resources for learning the language (or just search google for a start…).

canadian Id;

That was awesomely informative; i first was researching for a masters degree but many advised me on getting a bachelors ; hence i had to start all over again ; i have been working on many fronts and hence i thought id ask you for help.Your reply has been most helpful.

THanks a lot


There are many better schools than this one in Sweden.

depends I guess… as for trans, everybody tells me UmeÃ¥ is king!!

what others schools do you mean? hdk? konstfack? beckmanns?