Umea undergrad Beauty Pageant

just had this to add to this oh-so-serious forum…the graduating class of Umea’s BA ID program is nearly 50% female…and very pretty. I might be compelled to try for entry into the grad program…we might need a poll for this…

did I say that out loud?

don’t you designers prefer pretty guys?

I tried to click on the thumbnail but got nothing!!! :angry: Come on, who cares about the projects when the designers are more interesting?

Yeah they’re kinda coy about that…looks like they got professional lighting and photography for the designer photos too…it’s no secret that more photogenic designers get better contracts and magazine coverage…

ah… so that would explain why Laurene Boym wears the low cut top and how she got to judge in the ID Design review. But unfotunately, she may not be a good represenative of that hypothesis.

I could be going to hell for that comment, but hey its a subjective opinion right?

damn this lauren boyD is getting too mch exposure… although its more like pooping on her face exposure.


She looks like what my grandmother wold look like with a slutty shirt.

I wonder how her 7 yr old son turns out… growing up in a superficial fantasy household with both parents being wacky IDers. Do you think they put black tight diapers on him?


design is nothing, designers are everything!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm emma karlson :wink:


Where is the link to see these ID women

Good looking people design good looking products. Good looking people have a natural aesthetic sensitivity when it comes to design. This is My Theory