uMake app : 2d sketch to 3d

I only recently came across this pretty interetsing app :


reminds of CATIA one that you sketch and then it translates the lines to 3d volumes. uMake though is only an mobile app (tablets) and i started using it in my ipad mini. Hmmmm… i am so intrigued now to get an iPad pro as now having a) sketcbook and b) uMake (+ the pencil) make it more appealing to me and justify to a sense the cost.

If you get hold of an iPad Pro, you could try Shapr3D too - in my experience, it’s much more intuitive, and the output files are easier to use with desktop CAD software.
Here’s a video of its workflow: Taking 3D Design To The Next Level with Shapr3D and an Apple Pencil - YouTube
It’s a pity that it only works on an iPad Pro, though.