UK-US graphic design question

Ive recently been thinking how it would be nice to see a bit more of the world and wouldnt mind gettig over to the states to see how the industry differs accross the pond… (Im in the UK atm!)

Theres a couple of things bugging me about the whole idea really, I am fully aware that i have both the talent and ability to hold my own whilst out there but looking through all these posts it seems that the true graphic design positions are few and far between. There seems to be an abundance of artwork roles and industrial design positions but Im slightly concerned that i may be stepping in to an even more saturated jobs market than i am currently in here in the UK. Any thoughts?

I was also wondering if i could get some feedback on how British Graphic Design is viewed in the US. Ive heard comments whilst at uni and a few times since, that everyone considers that the best graphic design comes out of the UK but Im not really sure if I beleive that!

Any comments would be much appreciated…


I don’t know because a lot of it is subjective, in terms of Graphic Design in US, there are some good ones here and there. I do like UK’s style as well.

But lately I’ve been paying attention to the graphic designs from Japan, there’s also Scandinavia who has some booming talent.

I do agree it’s getting saturated out there, now I’ve been finding jobs that say “graphic designers wanted, but must also know HTML and Flash”. They’re trying to get someone to do two jobs for the price of one.

Is that fair? I don’t think so, but I now have to learn Flash, HTML and Java Script, just so I can compete.

I have been paying attention at graphic designs from Japan also, I think they are amazing also…
Like the Guest above said, I think no matter what place in the world you live, it´s getting satured anyways…Here in Brazil it´s happening the same as you wrote, they want and need graphic designers BUT someone who knows web stuffs…an employee who works for both and get just one payment…which it´s not so good lately, even if you already have a degree and extra skills…I don´t think it´s fair also, and I´m doing some extra courses to update my skills…