Anyone here noticed that the uk renault tv advertisments seem to be shooting themselves in the foot recently?

There was a strange one for the Megane (i think) aired recently where the whole advert was saying something like

“remember saying you would never buy a Renault…”

and I saw another last night for their new coupe where they have some guy saying something like…

“I bought it because I like it”

Now, I’m no NLP professor but I imagine that even the most unaware consumers are gonna pick up on the inferred negativity contained in these ads. I can hardly believe they’ve made it past quality control and on to the screen. I suspect some advertising firm is gonna be losing a client pretty soon!

They are airing the same spot in Germany, too. And it puzzled me.
I thought, that the dark years of Renault were so many years in the
past, that almost nobody remembered the bad rust and sluggish engines.

this one was a real lemon.

but the R19 sold like hotcakes throughout whole Europe for ages.

What problems do they want to adress with these ads??? The electrical failures of the last years? Overall an ill attempt.

actually the renault 14 was a pear…
i’ve read somewhere that it was an advertising blunder:
in french, pear is “poire”, of course this means the fruit, but for some reasons, it is also used to designate somebody as being a bit dumb…