UK Prod Des: Central Saint Martins or Goldsmiths College?


I’m intending to apply to the Product Design BA at CSM and Design BA at Goldsmiths next month, both via Route B.
I’m not sure which I should put as first choice, so would like some advice/opinions on each - eg.:
What are the facilites/workshops like?
What is the teaching like?
What are the tutors like?
What are the industry-links like?
What is the general atmosphere/culture like?

Any info would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


I would apply to goldsmiths rather than csm.

Csm: there is very little actual training, the classes are massive, and the facilities are lacking.

Goldsmiths: overall the course is better but its very conceptual, so be prepared, make shore that’s the type of design your interested in.

But in my opinion there are much better courses in the UK have a look at:

Sheffield Hallam University or Loughborough University: you will learn an incredible amount of technical knowledge

Brighton and Ravensbourne: good all round colleges

If you look to Europe there are some fucking amazing schools:

Design academy eindhoven(holland): the spiritual home of droog design

ECAL(switxerland): they produce some amazing work