UK Patent Attorney?

Has any of you collaborated(-ing) with a Patent Attorney in UK that perhaps we could contact for a patent/contact infringement case, first to review and then pursue (after we evaluate the potential and cost to start officially legal actions)? (oh, by the way we are not looking for a big-name attorney firm serving F500 companies)
The case is related to furniture design and the Patent owner is an Asian company. I am the designer, based in EU, with very tight ties to the Patent owning company.
Thank you in advance!

For outside council we use Foley & Lardner. Based in the US, but have offices worldwide. They have an office in Belgium to handle EU cases. But with your Brexit, who knows what the hell is going on.

Sorry, that is the best I can offer.

We work with SunIP for our international filings. They have recently been contracting Beck Greener :

@iab and Akua, thanl you both very much for your suggestions. Will definitely forward their contact info to my Client.
What is frustrating is a family-run, SME company that invested loads of money for development, tooling, testing, certifications etc. to be eventually copied by its distributor in UK, a pretty well known international company worldwide (not European).