UK design schools

Which are the best london design schools?

If you go to one of the london institues does it increase the liklihood of success. Obviously you have to be good but does it help and if so how much.

p.s. just out of curiosity how much would a designer such as Johnathen Ive (designer of the year 2003) be earning?

what design? product/industrial design or graphic design/visual communication?

im interested in industrial design.


i just applied for industrial design and got offers, so hopefully im not too far off :slight_smile:

the london institute (or the university of the arts, as it is now called) is a group of 5 art colleges, and are thus focussed on art. central st martins does offer a product design course, but im not sure how good it is. the focus will be on the artistic side of things, rather than a balanced art/technology course - it depends what you want. all of them are big names, which is an advantage. it does however bring certain things with it - ie it is art school.

I applied for 3 courses - one at loughborough, one at brunel (west london), and one at the glasgow school of art. in the end i have accepted the offer from brunel

the first two are, from what i can tell and the advice i was given (dont flame me) the best in the country. i got interviews and eventually offes from both, and both made a good impression on me.

it depends what you want to get out of your studies, where your strengths lie etc.

feel free to email me or to post more questions, ill do my best to answer them (dont forget i havent been to any of these schools yet, i start in september… but ill try)

good luck