UK Based Portfolio - Feedback Please!

Hey All.
As the topic title suggests I am based in the UK. Now here’s the thing, I’m a 17 year old who is pursuing a career in Industrial Design and soon moving onto a BA Honors in ID. I have already made an online portfolio featuring some of my current work in Modern furniture as part of my Product Design A-Level Course, As well as some speculative work i have undertaken on my own.

I would greatly appreciate all feedback. I would like to know what parts need work and improvements and whether I am on right track in regards to my Portfolio layout and structuring. Have I got the necessary information? and what are your first impressions.

And off-course the Portfolio is still being changed and developed but I figure why not start a portfolio early and just keep adding to it to show my growth and progression.

As I am only 17 years of age I would sincerely appreciate any advice towards reaching my goal in the ID world.

Thank You,
Obed Thomas

I don’t understand your UK education terminology, but I take it you’re not even in a University ID program yet. Given this, you are a lot futher along than most at your age.

One thing that is killing your portfolio are those sketches. Those brightly colored marker backgrounds are hideous and become the focus of the page, I can’t even see your sketches. I would redo these ASAP.

The projects look interesting, I would break each one up into its own group on the website. They are kind of blurring together for me because they look similar in the presentation.

With a little bit of work you could have this portfolio looking pretty good.

I wouldn’t call the sketches ‘hideous’. Different, def unconventional from a product design POV. But as we’ve all seen the furniture world can get away with crazier definitions of design than the consumer product industry can. Maybe if there was 50% less crazy marker…

Thank You for the feedback and No, Im not in a University ID course yet. I shall definitely re-think the background for the drawings.

Hello Obed, I agree with the others that you could tone down the background colours of the sketches and redo them as they clash with the neutral tones of your renderings. Besides that, the 3D work looks good!

obed- I’m impressed with your portfolio for being 17 years old. Your sketching style and looseness doesn’t bother me, it has life and I find it interesting. Like the others mentioned the color is a little obnoxious.

I’d like to see a little bit more of what happens between loose sketch and 3D final images.