UIUC ID program, any comment?

A friend of mine just recommend me that UIUC ID program is pretty good. Any one who’s familiar with the program can tell me something about it?
Is it more practical or theoretical? how about the faculty? these kind

Thanks alot!!!

University of Illinois industrial design is pretty solid.

much like any other school:
you get out of it what you put in
a lot of it depends on the your class and how they will inspire / push you

I have seen people enter with mediocre ability and come out with a good deal of skills and understanding
-I have also seen them come out with mediocre skills

students generally have a good understanding of process

the school pushes innovation and problem solving and does a good job at helping students to do these things

Professors include:

Chair Mark Arends is currently on sabbatical, but should be back for fall (?)
Extremely insightful.

William Bullock has many years of teaching experience and started the schools Product Interaction Research Laboratory (PIRL). The laboratory links business, design and technology resources at the university to do funded studies for industry.

Alex Fekete will push your understanding of and appreciation of form. Among his skills as a teacher are an ability to lead you on a journey to your solutions rather than giving you his.

Deana McDonagh came to the University last year, her focus (as I understand it) is primarily the psychological / emotional relationships between person and object. This includes some creative assignments for students.

A UIUC student has won the Midwest regional IDSA merit award since the regional merit award has been in place (two years total)

one drawback of the school is it’s location and subsequent removal from the industry (but if you are dedicated Chicago is only about 2 hours North @ 75 mph)

I suggest you visit and see if the school is right for you…it worked well for some of us