UIUC and UIC MID programs

I am looking at MID programs in Ill., hoping that as an in state student I can get a good ed here… IIT is too $$$$$$. Any feedback on the programs at UIUC or UIC? And please don’t tell me you get what you pay for. I’ve got the ideas, i just need the tools and training… and maybe some good teachers/students on the way…

I’m a Junior at UIUC ID. I don’t like the Undergrad program and plan on transferring, but the grad program seems to be a little better. There are only about 4 grad students (as opposed to 80+ soph, juniors and seniors), so grads get a lot of personal attention from profs. I think Deana McDonagh heads a lot of the grad projects. She is very well published, very vocal and has a great attitude. I don’t think she has been in UIUC very long, but plans on making changes for the better. Don’t have a lot more to say about MID. If you want to know more about undergrad at UIUC just ask.

Your best bet is to come to Champaign-Urbana once the spring semester starts up again and visit with the grad students. They are all very cool. Visit with the profs as well, but be aware that they are trying to sell the program.

My opinion… spend the money somewhere else.
Best of luck.

Wow, that # really is surprising. 4 whole students…

where are you transferring to?

have you noticed a trend as far as work concentration? Furniture, auto, etc? in undergrad or grad.

yeah, i definately have to visit, but i wanted to get some “insider” feedback versus just spoon fed speeches, etc.

thanks for the input