UI Design for Fitness

Seems like the fitness industry would be an interesting industry to create really cool UI. I know someone who works there and it seems like it would be interesting. Has anyone seen this?


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There are many interesting possibilities and imaginative aspects to blending exerciser and machine. I’m pretty sure that the design lead at Nautilus is a well-respected designer, but am not sure about the company overall. Looks like they are completely in the ‘home’ market and have pulled out of commercial entirely.

I can tell you about one or two of the challenges with UI design for fitness. Unless the company is investing in a complete display architecture they will probably run on a Microsoft platform or perhaps an Android platform. Fitness companies don’t generally understand ‘tech’ so hiring developers who can turn your UI into something that works with a big machine will be a constant challenge. I see the posting advertises for Agile/Scrum experience which is good. Cost constraints will also be a factor since general CE volumes are several times bigger than fitness equipment volumes - this makes buying glass and components a challenge. Some pieces of fitness equipment need to be self-powered - this is becoming less of a factor - but for those units the UI will be a challenge due to power requirements.

Give it a shot though. America is just getting fatter and fatter; fitness companies aren’t going anywhere, despite the recent boom in wearable health monitoring. For a lot of the country, getting a gym membership or a new treadmill is a January 1 ritual.