uh oh! it's an engineering portfolio!

Hey there, so here’s the short story:

I’m a senior Mechanical Engineering student about to graduate and my plan is to try to find a job as a design engineer.

I’ve had an intense interest in ID for a few years now, and I’ve had the chance to intern at a variety of design consultancies and see what you guys get to do everyday. I haven’t decided if I want to make the leap to ID (don’t get too worried, I’m very aware I can’t just jump into it with the assumption of “well if I can do engineering, I’m sure I can draw some pretty pictures,” I have an immense respect for the skills you guys have acquired over your years, I realize I’d probably have to go back to school in some respect), so my plan is to get a job as a design engineer and try that for a few years and see where I want to go from there.

I’ve been an avid follower of core77 as well as a variety of other design blogs and I’ve admired many of the portfolio’s that I’ve seen pass through here. So I felt that when it was time to create my engineering portfolio I could try to up the standards of the typical “engineer’s portfolio” and apply some of the ID/graphic design sensibilities to my own presentation.

Now that said, I’d love to get some feedback from anyone/everyone on my progress. As it stands, I’d call it the rough draft stage, I’ve put all the content in there, but I would still like to go over all my text, wording, etc. But I’d appreciate any and all advice/criticism/suggestions that you guys have to offer. Now, do keep in mind that I’m trying to present this as an engineering portfolio, not an ID portfolio, so there will probably be some stuff in there that doesn’t interest you as much, and there’s going to be a lot lacking if I were billing this as an ID folio (very limited sketching, renders, etc.) but I do think you can draw a lot of similarities in the strengths/weaknesses of this portfolio to all the ID folio’s that have been posted.

Anyways, thanks in advance for anything you guys have to offer! And just think "is this an engineer I’d like to work with, or just keep him on his side of “the wall?” because I’m trying to boost the engineering-design relationship!



pretty nice, I like the way you have laid out your mechanical stuff. Your furniture …‘floor lamp’ & ‘end table’ look a bit weak do you really need it in there?

Do think the projects themselves are weak? Or the presentation of them? Because they’re not as complicated, I can see how their respective pages look a little less impressive than some of the others.

If the projects themselves look particularly weak, I suppose I don’t need to have them in there, but I thought they were good examples of some of my hands on skills, as well as an example of how I don’t only do these things for work, but for pleasure as well sometimes.

But I suppose it’s not absolutely necessary to keep them in…

compared to the other projects they just don’t look that interesting.

i agree with luke, maybe the fixed wheel cycle could have a couple pages and the furniture stuff could move to the assorted page.

otherwise, i like the layout, the battery charger is nicely detailed and given enough importance!

Too bad you’re in Boston :wink:

PS: Your resume page isn’t working.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, I’m looking at rearranging the pages a bit, and vanquishing the end table to the “assorted projects” page. I agree that the furniture doesn’t really carry as much weight as some of the other projects, but I do feel like they show some of the other facets of my skill set, so I’m reluctant to take them out entirely. But I’m going to front load the whole portfolio a little more just to ensure those quick glancers won’t miss any of the good stuff.

edmundspitz - thanks! I tried to keep the layout clean and professional, as well as communicate a lot of content as efficiently as possible, good to know I’m not too far off of that goal.

ip_wirelessly - hey, I’m certainly willing to look elsewhere for employment! as much as the delightful winters and charming people of Boston are pleading me to stay… anyways, I think I fixed that resume page. But I think I’m going to put a version of my resume in the portfolio as well, just so it’s all in one place. thanks for the catch

I totally agree with this. :smiley: They’re not that interesting for e too.

an image works better than words… no matter where you come from…

so i think… more space to showcase your pics & snapshots could be good…