Ugly or not Ugly ?

I’m not a furniture designer, ( you’re going to tell me that you know this), all right, but i like to do some recycling with some old stuffs. This chair i’ve made with an old Breuer’s Cesca chair, is a kind of protoype not a finished product , no big reflection or conceptualization just an assemblage of old stuffs. Indeed i liked it,it was a “king size” confortable seat but unfortunately somebody who dislike it threw it in the rubbish and i want to ask you folks if this person is right ?
The problem it is that I did not take photographs, but I tried to make a sketch of it. I used wood for the structure, foam for base and I covered the whole with imitation leather bent and posed in a single piece.I 'm trying to rebuild it with other materials, I don’t have another Bruer’s tubular structure.

I don’t know what are your limitations but the sketch doesn’t look like the chair will feel comfortable. It could be more elegant though.

The only limitation is the Bruer like structure, I’m working to modify the shape of both foot and the seating base. I’m agree with you it don’t seem confortable but it really is ! Perhaps I will reduce the weight , it seems to heavy for the structure or I will increase the size of the structure.


You’re right Bryce but it’s an old version this is the reason why the shape is not exactly what I have made. With the new version (follo me tool…) you can perform almost all shapes. I’ve told to Santa to bring me the new version for 2006!! Till this day, I will use the tools i have.

On an aesthetic level, just one comment, it feels kind of unbalanced, the top part weights too much (visually) and the legs look flimsy.
Feels like it would benefit from loosing the head rest.
In my opinion, that plus getting rid of the part of the backrest which is just in the buttocks area (it is currently recessed) would do good to the overall shape.

I agree, the head rest was added for confort purpose, and the initial shape was without this element . I’m going to try what you suggest me for the backrest and will post for comment.Concerning the legs (my main problem) ??? A suggestion will be welcomed.Knowing that I want to keep the principle of the cantilever.
Thank you.