Ugly Furniture

I feel dirty

That was pretty funny… most of the stuff in there was still better than these guys:

How did this kind of furniture come about?

ha! that’s perfect! spot on. You couldn’t pay me to buy any of the stuff these kinds of places sell, yet somehow they still exist. makes me want to weep for all mankind…


Sometimes I think taste may not even exist in some people’s mouths.

I can kind of understand someone who lives in some uncultured backwater buying this kind of stuff… but who the f*ck designs it ?

They should know better.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to sit in this with your truckers hat wearing friends, drinking Busch, watching Monster Trucks on your 55" rear projection TV (colour slightly off) in your wood panelled basement complete with singing fish on the wall…

… I’m in heaven!
ugly chair.jpg

Reminds me of college… only place it right next to the keg fridge.

My back is already in pain, anticipating being hunched forward while fully reclined, just looking at that puffy-ass sofa :frowning:

It’s not actually designed. The video shows how new pieces come about.

Warning NSFW


From a european perspective that aint so bad, folks. At least on the website’s photos
the stuff from Bob’s furniture looks like real wood.

The 499,-$ pieces would be 1.499,-€ over here. But there are some nationwide outlets that
cater to the people who can only afford 299,- €. This furniture was made from plastic until
much recently. Now they are starting to make “oak-wood” out of reinforced cardboard!

consequently they stopped decorating this sh*t with real TV-Sets. They now use Flat Screen
TV “representations” that are made from paper as well:

Some years ago I did some stage design for our local theater. Some of our sceneries had deeper
material quality and better finish than those furniture “representations”.

Got to stop now, or I`ll spill my breakfast.

Have a nice sunday everyone.

Yours mo-i

I the Lazy boy look is chosen (I won’t dare say designed) to look comfortable. It’s like a puffy cloud.

That store reminds me of a ton of places in Montreal. Luckily, more and more of them seem to honestly have “going out of business” sales lately.

actually, this stuff IS designed by real designers. they don’t like it, but when you cater to a specific market, it actually sells pretty well. don’t forget, industrial design is a function of a business. businesses are typically in the market for the money.

Tons of stores like that in here too. Its seems to be either Ikea or this, as long as its cheap people don`t care.

Ugly is such an ugly word… .

Sayings that come to mind:

_No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly. _ Oscar Wilde

Everything has it’s beauty, but not everyone sees it. _ Confucius

One mans trash is another mans treasure. _Colloquialism

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. _Colloquialism

There’s no accounting for taste. _Colloquialism

You can’t make a silk purse out a a sow’s ear. _Colloquialism

You get what you pay for. Colloquialism

No matter how beautiful s/he [ it] is, somewhere, someone is tired of him/her [it]. _ Anon

While all that may be true, sometimes using ‘ugly’ is necessary: