Ugly branding /rant

Nothing frustrates me more than ugly branding ruining a perfectly good design. If the brand is a real brand, or a lifestyle brand, I can maybe see a point to branding a product. If it’s a brand that means nothing, why?

Perfect example- bathroom scales. I was looking for just a plain black scale and-
A). Too many have unnecessary “design” - ugly shapes and “features” and “designer details”. Why? This thing should blend in, not stand out. Gimme a plain black rectangle, please!
B). All have ugly logos. I almost paid double the price of the cheapest plain black one just to pick one with no logo.

I get these “brands” are just re-packaged off the shelf items from China, but really does it fool anyone to add a “eufy” giant logo on it to make it seem more valuable? ugh.



I concur. It’s ridiculous.

  1. People feel the need to differentiate and factories have 100 toolings already paid for.

  2. Dale Carnegie said that no word is sweeter than our own name. I think companies are the same way. Even if they have no brand, they want to plaster their name on all their products.

It’s survival of the fittest on store shelves/product pages. If all bathroom scales looked the same then they’d actually have to be compared on their utility vs contrived bullet point “features” that they can fill up the description and attempt to differentiate themselves with.

I call BS. Nobody buys $20 scales for utility or features. It’s what looks OK in your home. None of these do.

The utility is weighing you.


Most of the purchasing public like the brand billboard. Why else would you have some dumbass silhouette of a dude on a horse carrying a mallet plastered over your shirt?

I follow the Run DMC philosophy - Calvin Klein’s no friend of mine. Don’t want nobody’s name on my behind.

What I don’t get is gloss black in a bathroom. Ick.

Don’t see the issue with gloss black. Last one I got was white, but the color white doesn’t quite match (too green) and looks weird. This one anyhow for the workout room.

At least I got one of these as backup.


Gloss black is the most revealing of finishes. Every fluid splatter will be entirely visible. My problem though, I have a thing about bodily fluids.

Would white be that much better? I think a nice grey would work, but we all know how hard it is for designers to decide what grey to use!

Transparent can be dangerous, too. I kicked our “nearly invisible in low light glass one” on a middle of the night bathroom visit (yes, I’m over 50…) and it hurt like hell. Couldn’t see the dang thing.

That Run DMC was quoted in this thread makes following it a must.

Flat white. The most glorious of cover-up colors. Liquid “spots” normally dry white.

And of course, Cool Gray #8 is the best gray, :wink: