UG vs. PRO vc. Solidedge

Reality kicks in when comparing service packages!!

It is no wonder people ask about the Pro policy! My mold makers all use Pro and HATE the service contract… Yet they use it; they prefer the product and despise the company.

I am lucky enough to work for a large company that has deep pockets. I could easily ask to buy a Pro License because most of our mold makers use pro even though we are Solid edge guys.

Import /Export discussions are as exciting as the mold growing on my Gouda in the fridg.

As a former Entraprenure I may never remove myself from the idea that I could go out on my own. but service contracts really make it unappetizing.

You don’t have to get the service contract. You just don’t get the upgrades.

There’s a service contract with any high end cad package, as far as I know.

As for using Pro/e? Great software. Use it almost daily.

As a guy in in Medical divices,

Because of validation, you might be stuck with Autocad 14 in weird situations ( poor analogy, but it is tough to always have the latest revision of softare even though medical companies have a tremendously large budget for software.

Even though I personally like the Pro product, and Pro is still the Mercedes of software, Lately my Tier 1 suppliers use it with clenched teeth. usually I need to listen to a 45 minute bitching session about service contracts.

I have better things to do with my time.

ProE, Wake up and get some customer service. We all like the product but hate the service. Universities included.

Can you elaborate as to what specifically people are bitching about? For example, we use Foundation with Advanced Assembly. We paid approximately $7K (by memory). We pay approximately $2500 a year maintenance.

$2500 is a pretty justifiable price to pay for software that makes my company good coin.

UG can do g2 rounds. Thats dope. I hear Pro/E will have g2 rounds next year. Solid edge sux worse than anything.

There is only one reason to use SolidEdge: sheet metal. If all you do is bang out CAD for sheet metal and you need good flat patterns, SolidEdge is superior to SW and perhaps ProE (I never used ProE).

Other than that, SE does suck. I use it now because the company I work for wants all there CAD data in one format and they have already invested in several seats for guys that do sheet metal all day. Some dumb things that annoyed me this week:

  1. Delete your feature, delete your sketch. I don’t know why they didn’t copy SW on this one.

  2. The worst help file ever. Every search I do pops up a “List of commands”. I know the command, I want to know how to use it!

  3. It is simple yes. But, all of the use not-often-used features that are in SW take 3-4 features to create without them. This means in a design that has any complexity, your feature tree will be longer!

  4. Disappearing links. I don’t know why, but convert entity is not parametric. It says it is, but it fails anytime I change a dimension.

  5. The worst memory usage of any program. I was surprised when I started on SE, because it has all of these options to reduce the amount of memory used. I thought, “but this is 2007 with computers that have 2-4 gb of RAM, 512 mb of video RAM, virtual memory up the butt…if I’m not designing Boeings, why would I need to reduce the memory I’m using?” Apparently, SE is the reason! I have had so many models that won’t rotate smoothly or features which don’t display because “there’s not enough memory” (that’s according to customer support anyways). For some reason, I don’t have these problems running SW on a computer with half the speed and RAM as my work computer. Strange.

  6. They had six updates last year. 6 in 12 months. After starting V20 and finding that some options no longer work, I see why they are so busy updating.

On the plus side: customer service is great. Very knowledgable and friendly, at least in Montreal.

Thank you for letting me vent!