UC Senior Portfolio

Hi Core-

It’s been a while! I’ve spent the past year working and studying abroad… but now I’m back and am getting ready to graduate in a semester! :smiley:

As I start to gear myself up for the job search, I was hoping you all could take a look at my PDF and coroflot portfolios. I’m still trying to get the hang of formatting projects for coroflot, which seems really conducive to the whole “less text, more renders” thing. I’d like to hear what you guys think about where I’m at now, and how I can make it really shine.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s my coroflot:

and here’s my PDF Portfolio:

I’d love to hear any ideas on how to make them both better.

Thanks for the help, and for being such an awesome resource and community over the past 5 years!


Really cool portfolio Jon! I really like the fire extinguisher and the binoculars. Great story telling for the two of them. During the sandwich thing one I was a bit lost and, in my opinion, the last bunch of projects are just two much information in too little room. I would just focus on the fields you didn’t cover with the others.

Inspirational! (not a useful comment but hey :wink:

IDAL - thanks for the positive feedback! It’s kind of weird, since I’ve had some of these projects in my portfolio for so long (especially the UPS device and the sandwich cutters), I totally didn’t realize they came off as confusing, especially in the coroflot. It definitely makes sense to try and re-pace those so they show off the skills and experience the other projects don’t cover. thanks for pointing that out!!

Robbie- wow, no one has ever really said that about my work… I really appreciate it! I was looking through your coroflot, and I really like your bell project, which looks awesome! I also noticed that you work at Loft, and one of my good friends from UC is interning there right now… From what he’s told me, it sounds like an awesome place to be!

The binoculars section in the pdf: under Ruby Red the word “reduced” should be “reduces” I believe. Beyond that I’m not qualified to say anything about portfolios :smiley: .

Actually, I meant the ‘‘other projects’’ section in the PDF. I think I would show on the first page moneyshots of the ones that are going to be shown and then reduce the number and show more and bigger images. The UPS one is clear but the reconstruct or the meta liner not that much. I’d also join the moleskine sketches and the normal sketches into one section. Then, on coroflot, I’d go again for interesting images showing the product, only the UPS and the snowboard boots are clear. For the other projects I have to go and check the name to know exactly what it is.

Other than that, I really like your portfolio, cool and diverse projects, covering more or less the whole process.

IDAL - I totally didn’t realize that you were talking about the PDF- your feedback makes a lot more sense now :slight_smile: It was definitely a challenge condensing these really “big” (research and thinking stuff) projects into small summaries, so it seems like I have a little more 'splaining to do on some of those; that’s great feedback on that section. Also, thank you for the really positive feedback on my work!

Harrier - I’m so impressed you caught that- It’ll definitely be getting changed. I didn’t think anyone would actually read all that! (yay research not done in vain!)

Also be sure to realize that you don’t need to go that in depth on your main portfolio.

I have a main portfolio, that is a bit more overall teaser-ish. Then a much more in depth process books, that I bring out if they want me to go more in-depth on a certain project.

Hey Eman! Cool to see you here!

How in-depth would you go in a “teaser” portfolio that encompasses a lot of projects? Could you have like 1 page with text explaining the project, then sketches then renders, or would that come off as too superficial? I guess with co-op and all that, we’ve never needed anything more than the PDF with three projects in it. It definitely makes sense to have process books that cover everything, and a smaller pdf book. When applying for actual jobs, do they actually ask for the deeper process books?

thanks for the advice!!