UC DAAP, what do they base their acceptance on?

After reading through this site, I place UC as my top choice for transfer. School acceptance/denial letters are going to be coming soon, so I was wondering what UC bases their acceptance on, because unlike other art colleges, they only ask for an application and transcripts. No portfolio, no letter of recommendations, what do they look at? I mean I got a 3.6 GPA, which is decent, but seems vague considering there are so many applicants.

I’m just a little anxious to hear from them… I’ve also applied to Pratt, MassArt, CCAD, CIA, and the last one will be RISD, which I’m still working on the application drawings… yea, what do u guys think?

I had to go through a review with about 10 other kids freshman year I think 5 of us got in, they had us put everything we had done that year up on a wall and then one professor came in looked around for 5 minutes, then left and I’m guessing based his decision on grades. He used to say the idea was they wanted the smartest kids and that they’d teach you the art. He’s not the guy who decides anymore though and the new guy has said he’d like to require a portfolio but I doubt that’ll happen.

UC is a bit different for admission that that of other other schools and programs. They believe that if you attract very bright kids, you can teach them design.

Thus, you should have at least a 3.5+ undergrad unweighted GPA. They are also VERY class rank oriented. Thus, even if your SATs are mediocre, if you are in the top 10%- 20% of your class, you should be fine. Generally, minimim requriements are a 3.5+ and 1200 SATs.However, these are minimims. Depending on the number of applicants, you will probably need higher scores and GPAs depending on the major and the number of applicants.

As for portfolios, it is true that you don’t need to send in a portfolio. HOWEVER, it is my experience that if you have a good one, you should send it in anyway. My daughter had just shy of the above-noted requirements ( 3.45 GPA) (especially for her class rank since she attended a magnet school)but had a very strong porfolio. She got accepted into Digital Design and now is probably in the top 20% of her class.

That’s funny you mentioned the class rank and SAT scale. I had the opposite. Higher SAT really low class rank. I graduated high school with a 3.6 but was in the 33% of my class. We had 24 4.0’s and 2 kids got perfect SAT’s. That’s pretty much why I had to go through the review in the first place.
I still remember visiting UC when the guy told us how they accept. He was like as long as you have a 3.5 and are in the top 10% of your class you should be alright. Me and my friend were like WHAT? Those two things to add up where we come from.

On a second note I didn’t mean to make it sound like one professor makes the decision in the previous post. Just that they supposedly choose by grades and such.

Well My HS schools grades weren’t all that great, but not bad, just mediocre. But that was 6 yrs ago, and have been through plenty of college courses. I wonder if they’ll even look at my HS transcript. I only got a 1050 on my SAT’s.

Robertcj, class rank seems to be important in admission;however, a high SAT score can overcome a lot according to the UC web site. Basically, they want someone who has at least 3.5+ unweighted GPA , 1200 and top 10-20%. The web site notes that a lower class rank will require a higher SAT. Thus, top third would require a minimum 1300 ( M and CR).

However, I am sure there is some degree of holistic approach regarding portfolios, essays, male vs. female ( males are wanted more due to the larger female population in DAAP) etc.

I was accepted to and plan to attend UC as an undergraduate Industrial Design major with a GPA of < 3.0 and class rank of top half at best. In all honesty my test scores have basically carried me through the latter half of my high school career, and i have a feeling that the summer course I took at OSU was a huge boost to my college admissions chances - it was an engineering course, but the fact that I had already been officially enrolled in a reputable undergraduate school had to have factored. ACT composite score was 33 and SAT composite was 2060 - 1380 w/o writing.

Has anyone applying as a transfer student heard back from DAAP yet?

It sounds like SAMink is a transfer student, not a high school graduate. Therefore, a different set of rules apply to get into UC. They will care what your grades are, but you’ll need to do research as to what those standards are.

My best piece of advice is to hustle hard for your spot in the program. That means sending emails, making phone calls, and scheduling visits to show your enthusiasm and desire to be a part of the program. Initially there will be roadblocks and unanswered messages, so just stick with it and prove that you want to be there. When I was in ID, we valued non-traditional students and each class had almost 50/50 traditional and non-trad. students.

Hope this helps…

Hefty, I got my transfer credit evaluations in the mail, but so far nothing else. I actually visited the school a couple of weeks ago, brought in my portfolio and got a really positive reaction from the people there. I have a feeling it greatly improved my chances of getting in. I talked to a faculty member who bluntly said he didn’t understand how the selection could be made without a portfolio/statement.

Anyway, my feeling was that UC has a very strong program but the atmosphere just didn’t fit me. I toured Pratt, RISD and Art Center where I’ve already been accepted and Art Center impressed me the most, I’ll probably be going there next year.

my friend had the same problem when he was trying to get in the program with out a portfolio or a statement, but they finally got him in :slight_smile:

I applied. They said transfers won’t hear back until march. I don’t really have any chance of visiting Ohio before they make their decisions. I hope my statistics speak well enough for me. I never really cared that much about the numbers but I guess it means something now.

In my experience, it’s easy to get into the school but not the program. Cross your fingers.

Just wanted to mention that I was accepted to the ID program at DAAP for the 08-09 year with a GPA of less than desirable and an ACT score of 33.

Im not too sure what the process is like to transfer into UC-DAAP, but if you are applying straight from hs, its generally an easy process. Like everyone said, UC relies heavily on scores and GPA.

As a side note: When I applied to DAAP (for their architecture program) in 04, it was generally understood that any hs student with a good GPA and SAT score of 1310* or ACT score of 33* would automatically be admitted. I dont know what the requirements were for other majors… but they’re probably similar.

*Im 95% sure those are the scores that were stated, although I could be off slightly off… if I am, it shouldnt be by too much.

As I noted above., if you are applying as a freshmen, you generally need a gpa of 3.5+ and 1200+ (M and CR on the SAT) ( and much more if for architecture ( 3.7+),Interior Design and Industrial Design and maybe Graphic Design). However, if your SAT or ACT is especially high, such as 1300++ or ACT of 31+, you can get away with a lower GPA.

For transfers, your ACT and SAT is probably irrelevant. You would generally need a 3.5+ overall GPA to have a good shot as a transfer student.

Transferring to DAAP is much more difficult than applying out of high school. I know for ID, they tend to only reserve a couple of spots for transfers, so it’s extremely competitive. Good GPA is a must, but I don’t think there is as formal of a process for transfers as for regular applicants.

From talking with those that have transferred in, you will probably need a high ranking professor to back you. Go to (or call if you aren’t in the Cincinnati area) the school of design and ask to speak with someone in charge of the program you are attempting to enter. Explain your situation, why you want to go there, etc. You can probably get them to agree to a portfolio review or at the very least a meeting.

Good luck.