My son got accepted at a number of schools but likes the downtown Philly scene. Does any one know anything about the Uarts id program. He has to decide by May 1. Thanks.

the people who go there seem to rave about it.
those who dont, cite the limited design scene and opportunity to intern or co-op, and seem to consider it an average program.
What other schools was your son accepted to?

I just graduated from uarts id last may, and while I wont say it is a bad program I really dont think it is the best out there either. I would definetly have to agree that they are not great about internships or for that matter affereing any real service in finding work after you graduate. I actually heard that they just started an internship program this year so that situation may be getting better. But I think so much of school is getting out of it what you put in. What uarts really teaches is a great core design process. By the time I left there I felt like I really knew how to approach a problem in a different and better way than other local philly students. the downside to this is that with so much time spent on learning process, there was little time spent making high-end finished work. So to an outsider I think the work does not seem as strong as other schools. Also if your interested the senior class show will be held next friday the 7th at a gallery on chestnut street called basekamp. It would be a really great opportunity to talk to students, see work, and get a idea of what skills you will posess after 4 years. If you call the id department at uarts they can give you all the details. Also If you want to see more of the student work they have a website i hope this helps, if nothing else I can say that I wouldnt trade up my four years there for any other place. The environment, ppl, and city are amazing.

I am currently finishing my Junior year at UArts ID. I agree with what most of the previous poster has said, and just want to add that the internship program is in full gear. They are pushing to get every student to have at least one internship before they graduate, and there is talk of making that a requirement. Furthermore, there are a few new faculty that really round out the team. They have brought in an architect and a graphic designer who really bring alot of professionalism and ambition to the program.

It is the shear breadth of the program that really appeals to me. Your son will not spend 3 years sketching sneakers and cars - I haven’t sketched either in my whole time here. However

As was pointed out above, you only get what you put in. Nevertheless, I would say that the program has improved since I arrived and it looks likely to continue to improve.

One negative thing I have to mention is that the class sizes can get too big. My class has almost twice the number of students as the previous year - but the same resources… If you are not self motivated you will fall through the cracks. Of course if you are not self motivated, you are not likely to make it very far as a designer anyhow.